LS5 SUV as Chinese challenger to the Range Rover

June 28, 2015 at 4:26 pm

The magnificent Hongki LS5 crossover of premium class looks like Chinese “Range Rover” for rich men. The model’s measures are impressive. The length of the car is 5198 mm that is more than at Mercedes GL (5120 mm), though it is less if to compare with Range Rover. The LS5 is 2 098 mm wide and 1 890 mm tall. The 3060 mm wheelbase also looks solid. The new crossover is huge and has a heavy weight (2850 kg). For example, the Range Rover’s weight is 2255 kg.

The huge LS5 SUV  picture

The huge LS5 SUV picture

According to the Chinese mass media, under the SUV’s hood, there is a new twin-turbocharged engine V8 of unknown origin delivering 381 Hp and 530 Nm. The motor is aggregated with an eight-speed automatic transmission sending power to all four wheels. The crossover speed runs up to 100 kilometer per hour in 8, 1 second. The possible top speed is 220 km/hour.

Exterior and interior elements of Hongki ls5 pic

Exterior and interior elements of Hongi ls5 pic

The car’s interior is made of wood and leather. There are no instruments in front of a driver. All information will be shown on 2 LCD screens. The first one is located on the dash and the second one is on the central console. The saloon is designed for 7 passengers. Under the car, we can see alive rear axle. There is no information about the price. But we know that Hongki L5 limousine costs 800 000 $ so LS5’s price is supposed to be high.