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40 thoughts on “सिर्फ 3 घंटे Charge करने पर 500 km चलती है ये Electric Car (in India)”

  1. लिखित रूप से देगी की एक चार्जिंग में 500 k. M. चलने को मुर्ख बनाना बंद करो

  2. Secret – BYD's founder is an MSc in Chemistry, not an MBA. Hope India follows this path – Scientists create, MBAs manage what Scientists create.

  3. Take the example of Korea and Japan people who have always supported their own car companies in spite of getting cheaper Chinese cars . Indian ev cars need support of our people . Please support Indian ev cars so that they may grow and improve and compete with Chinese cars

  4. This uncle is a Chinese stoog . It is people like him who start to toe the Chinese line . They are paid professionals employed by Chinese companies to propagate their products . Chinese companies and Chinese government are the same .
    It is always better to support Indian electric cars even if the Chinese cars are better .
    Beware of such Chinese supporters, they are paid professionals of Chinese government who have a single agenda of destroying the the Indian ev manufacturers .

  5. Being suspicious is nothing bad when spending as much as 31 Lakh. Tomorrow if the Indian govt has tussle with china ur 30 lakh will go into the drain

  6. Sir sasta gadi kyu banate ho Dubai ki maysra shekha 7.8.karod ka horse kharidati hai Aap 100..karodaki gadi bansyo Ambani. Aadani shekh Dubai ke liye try best off luck.

  7. Share your reviews after the use of 160000km/- ….
    Even I didn't hear this company name!!
    And warranty claim is so huge…. isn't it funny…??
    MG is also a Chinese company but they are not boasting like this.

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