When you think of luxury cars, you probably don’t think about Chinese cars. In today’s video, we will be looking at upcoming Chinese luxury cars. The cars we would be looking at today would constitute EV cars, fuel cars and more from china.

Stay tuned to learn about Hongqi, w motors, foton g9, voyah ifree, hongqi h9 and more. Enjoy!

Here are 10 of the best upcoming Chinese luxury cars.

10. ME-S BY ENVATE / me-s by envate luxury car
9. MUSE BY ICONIQ MOTORS AND W MOTORS / muse by iconiq motors and w motors luxury car
8. FOTON G9 / foton g9 car
7. FUTURISTIC BY GREAT WALL MOTORS / great wall futuristic car
6. HONGQI E-HS9 / 2021 hongqi e-hs9

5. VOYAH IFREE / voyah ifree car
4. ORA GT / ORA GT car
3. HONGQI 2.0 / hongqi 2.0 car
2. NETA EUREKA 03 / neta eureka 03 car
1. HUAWEI TRANSPARENT CONCEPT / huawei transparent car concept

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