Electric vehicle sales are currently surging in Europe, China and other countries with market share reaching new records. But US is lagging in small or lower-price electric vehicles. There are many EVs in the price range of 20 to 30 thousand dollars, even as low as $5000. Lets find if these cheap EVs would make it to US.

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49 thoughts on “10 New Cheap EVs from Europe & China – From $5000”

  1. ขวัญใจรถยก ที่ประเทศไทย รถมีปัญหาบ่อยจนคนไทยไม่นิยมใช้งานมันคุณภาพต่ำ MG

  2. Having just travelled to the US there is no way that EV ownership is going to be 100% until at least 2050. 280+ million vehicles are going to be around for a very long time. And people won't give up their juggernauts that easily.

  3. Americans don't want electric cars. The infrastructure for electric vehicles is 10 -20 years ahead of America in China. Americans cling to raggedy roads and gas stations. Zero interest in the future.

  4. So basically no one comes even close to the Chinese for looks ,value range and speed .
    That Xpeng 7 is gorgeous the French and German cars are ugly small cheaply made overpriced junk and the Honda ? I have had better looking things come out of my bum

  5. No not a good video at all. Too expensive with a average about 30000 us. ridiculous. Electric cars are more expensive to develop but way cheaper to build and more money left over for deep pockets. This video says electric cars 5000 dollars only one wulling hit the mark you should be ashamed.

  6. Some really good info in your video but if you're going to do car videos it may be a good idea to learn how to pronunce the name of the cars, its really painfull listening to how you bitcher then names.

  7. Gotta say though, still far above ICE car prices. The electric car push seems doomed to failure if the prices don’t come down. The costs have come down, but the prices still outstrip ice vehicles. I’m genuinely starting to think Tesla and all other ev manufacturers could fail unless the ICE is legislated out.

  8. Han is MUCH bigger than model 3 even model s,and the interior is comparable to Mercedes,nothing like model 3. I'd say it is more comparable to model S than to model 3.

  9. 4 most of us ~ the EV would be a second car! VW missed it with not have a Cheap EV-BEETLE 150<200 range – $15.,000 < $18,000. cost NO SELF Drive – ETC!

  10. Come on…there is a block on importing cheaper good made cars from China, just like cellphones…why? Ultra rich and US named companies would fall or fail…and Musk wouldn't be so rich. So the US customers suffer…hahaha…just live elsewhere and you will know…US is a well controlled market by the ultra rich

  11. Ireland's cheapest EV is 40-50 thousand euro! Nothing cheap or reasonable here though in Europe! Car insurance 6-1000! fuel is €1:50 ltr. Average wage €4-500 WK! Car tax pre 2008 2ltr €800 annually ! Not everyone's working! How do we buy electric when food & rent cost everything! New f150 in us is forty k USD! That's the EV!

  12. And as usual the USA because of the backward looking GQP has the USA so far behind these other nations it's not funny. Still depending on making oil companies richer for no good reason. Foreign electrics will hit the shores here and the Big 3 will be left behind and all those jobs of building those cars could have been here but instead Americans will send those jobs to China and make McDonalds hamburgers instead.

  13. Imo, Xpeng P7 is much better than Model S. Its autonomous drive function is at a newer level of AI to Tesla's. You have to try it out by test driving it yourself to have an objective view of its quality.

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