I would agree that low budget cars produced in China are usually plagued by cheap materials and low quality. But when it comes to highly technological electric vehicles, the Chinese are actually giving well-established international car makers a run for their money. In this episode we will cover the newest electric cars that originate from the People’s Republic and possess surprisingly competitive specifications.

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List of all models shown in this #ATelectriccars video:

00:00 Introduction

00:38 Zeekr 001

Though initially revealed under the Lynk & Co name, this all-electric sedan is destined to launch Geely’s new brand Zeekr that will specialize exclusively in premium battery-electric vehicles. Built on the dedicated SEA electric platform with modular design, the Zeekr 001 will offer several powertrain options.

01:45 Xpeng P5

The 2022 Xpeng P5 compact sedan is the smallest model from Xiapeng Motors, but according to the company, it is also the most sophisticated production car on the market, in terms of autonomous driving tech.

02:50 MG Marvel R Electric

With attractive exterior design, smart cabin, lots of cargo space, and up to 1650 pounds towing capacity, the new MG Marvel R C-segment crossover starts its takeover of the European market. The model is already available for preorder in 3 trims and 2 drivetrain configurations.

03:59 Human Horizons HiPhi X

What had initially looked as yet another concept EV only to backup investor pitches, was actually turned into a production-ready electric SUV for the emerging TECHLUXE segment. The young startup Human Horizons has begun deliveries of the HiPhi X luxury six-seater.

05:04 BYD Han

The Warren Buffet-backed Chinese automaker extends the Han line beyond a plugin hybrid modification by adding an all-electric BYD Han EV version to the lineup.

06:23 Nio ET7

After establishing a strong market position with a trio of electric SUVs, Nio is following up with a flagship executive sedan ET7. Its design incorporates class-leading dimensions and the latest autonomy tech powered by the Snapdragon chip.

07:39 MG Cyberster

2021 MG Cyberster concept sportscar has already gained significant traction in China with 5000 registrations, so MG is seriously considering it for production.

08:41 BYD EA1

BYD EA1 aka Dolphin is a pioneer of BYD’s next generation of smart electric vehicles, based on the new 3.0 platform. The latter was developed to standardize the company’s latest accomplishments, making the EA1 smaller, lighter, stronger, and more energy efficient.

09:43 Xpeng P7 and P7 Wing Limited Edition

Dubbed the Super Long Range Smart Sedan the P7 is the second production EV model by the Chinese startup Xiaopeng Motors. After being launched in mid 2020, the P7 continues to grow its fleet of owners, already exceeding 30,000 units.

10:52 BYD Tang EV

With their new Tang SUV EV, BYD targets European market, so its exterior design is reminiscent of the models offered by German manufacturers. The person responsible for Tang’s styling is the former Audi design director Wolfgang Egger.

11:55 Geely Vision Starburst

Geely Vision Starburst is inspired by the stellar phenomenon of merging galaxies and represents a fusion of different ideas that will enrich the market. There is no word about the model’s powertrain, but judging by its looks and overall description, the Vision Starburst can be nothing else but an electric car.


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  1. The HK "No 8" number plate (reg) is legally registered to me and it is own on my name. Hopefully it can be picked by MG and use it to help the advertising for MG at HK one day…!!! ? All the best of luck…!!! ?

    Calvin WONG /TC 126265

  2. Sorry but i have a suggetion, leave the narration of your YOUTUBE videos to an english /american friend.
    your english elocution mediocre and hard to understand

  3. Dad says "Don't ever buy!!! Only the dumbest of the dumbest people will buy a Chinese electric car! You are buying a matchbox! You will be kissing your $13,000 goodbye in 6 months! Don't trust anything made in China at all! Buy a bicycle in that case for only $150.00."

  4. This is a fascinating video. It's fascinating to learn more about some of China's most advanced electric automobiles.
    It is terrible that the US government prohibits Chinese automakers from accessing the US market…..

  5. Very interesting video. It is great to learn more about some of todays best electric vehicles coming from China! ? ⚡️

  6. This is how China moving forward fast because it has open mind policies toward to technology and confidence to compete with other technology advanced countries including the US, Germany and Japan.

  7. It is very unfortunate that the US Gov blocks Chinese car makers from entering the market in the US. Absolutely love the BYD Han. I am not prejudiced about buying American only we live in a global market and US automakers need to offer better EV's if they expect to compete not resorting to simply making sure we can't buy cars we would want to that are made in China.

  8. the Zeeker 001 has been advertised as performance EV in the chinese market as a counterpart of the Tesla model 3, but unlike the Tesla Model 3 Performance Zeeker 001 provides strong performance as well as comfort, even though on track it's not as extreme as the Tesla.

  9. Saw yesterday one driving in this baby blue color. In Oostzaan in the Netherlands. Actualy, Nice car. Good??? I don't know. At least the color is different. Not Black, or Grey, or White.

  10. If these outprice their American & European counterparts, they will dominate the entire auto market.
    The average worker will relinquish any loyalty they may have with brands & country of origin in favour of a new car that's cheap (both in price, operations & maintenance).

  11. God they all look the f****** same. I get that it's personal taste, but i really don't understand how people can be excited for these. They're terrible…No style at all…Plain surface, thin light bars in front and back, triangular (fake) air vents in front. Hope they don't arrive in Europe or it'll be a sad future. Thank god in Europe (and partly in the US) there's automotive heritage…

  12. Do NOT buy Chinese products. They started covid 19 in Wuhan from military experiments that went wrong! Why is China making viruses more contasious for humans??….wake up world!!!

  13. BYD Han will be a winner if you look for value for money. I think it has handmade leather cabin and same brakes as Haas Formula 1 team. A 3.9 seconds car at 32500dollar is a great price in north EU, really nice car…

  14. Xpeng p5 are going to take the market by storm. BYD EA1 could be an instant hit but would depend on how well BYD implements the 800V charging.

  15. HIPHI is my favorite design…. as to the power, range and quality i have yet to see. The overall cars from China may look good but the build qaulity is not yet that mature. Overall, China may dominate the EV market but the Europeans will not be far behind. The Americans are lagging in this category even with Tesla cars.

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