In today’s video we will be looking at the cheapest chinese cars in the market today, this includes cheap electric cars. In today’s video we will look at amazing budget-friendly vehicles from china.

These include byd cars, foton toplander, haval h6, changan cs55 and more.Stay tuned to this channel to learn more about the chinese car market and Chinese SUVs.

China has the largest automobile production market in the world. The country’s population and labor laws make them produce more cars than any country in the world. Chinese cars are not always cheap. Some of them cost as much as the luxurious brands we know in the West.

Cheap Chinese cars are not of lower quality; they are only produced to fit the needs of the masses in the People’s Republic. Here are 10 of the cheapest Chinese cars.

10. FOTON TOPLANDER / foton toplander car
9. BYD S6 / byd s6 car
8. CHANGAN CS55 / changan cs55 car concept

7. HAVAL H6 / haval h6 car
6. VOLKSWAGEN JETTA / jetta from volkswagen
5. BAIC M20 / baic m20 car
4. FOTON GRATOUR / foton gratour
3. WULING HONGGUAN S1 MPV / wuling hongguan s1 mpv car

2. HAIMA 2 / haima 2
1.BAOJUN 510 / baojun 510


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