In today’s video, we will look at the most expensive cars from china. Today’s automobiles would include beats like byd, nio cars like the nio es8, nio ep9 series.

There will be an array of amazing cars like the great wall car, changan automobile, hongqi and other Chinese brands you may not have heard of.

As the Chinese automobile industry has had a paradigm shift to electric vehicles, the most expensive cars are becoming safer for the environment. Being ethical is costly, and we see that with all these EVs on the list.

Some Chinese cars are not yet on the sustainable side, and that is alright. For this list, we shall look at the most valuable Chinese car companies and their most expensive cars on the market currently.

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  1. China has come a very long way . It's now competing very well with European Japanese and American technology, and in many ways surpassing them, and making their technology accessible , affordable and available to developing countries.

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