Here are 16 reasons why BYD has skyrocketed so far ahead of their competition to dominate the Chinese electric vehicle market. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “16 Reasons Why BYD Is Dominating The China EV Market”

  1. The higher end brand is called the Yangwang, it was announced early jan. The first 2 models are U9 supercar and U8 (Land Rover Defender like) SUV. BTW longtime and large BYD investor.

  2. So I am a Byd Atto 3 owner in New Zealand. Byd finished in 2nd place in New Zealand BEV market in 2022 (and Australia) (behind Tesla) and it was only on sale for 5 months of the year. The car is popular in New Zealand because (a) the technology is first rate and compares well to Tesla (b) Unique and attractive models Atto 3 (Yuan Plus), Atto 4 (Seal) and Atto 2 (Dolphin) (coming) (c) very quick penetration into existing dealer channels using existing dealer network partners but standalone BYD stores and (c) a pricing strategy that blows European/Japanese competitors (VW, Opel, Peugeot, Cupra, Nissan etc) out of the market. The only real competition in NZ (to Byd) is Tesla, Polestar, MG (SAIC) and Hyundai/Kia. We chose the Atto 3 over the Model Y and Polestar 2.

  3. If you added the expected increase in deliveries based on trend, you need to adapt the decrease in PHEV (NEV) QoQ and YoY… BYD is crushing it. But also Panasonic batteries seem to be propelling cars further for the same vehicle weight (per Kwh)

  4. painful to listen.. 11 min in – finally some info: "blade battery" – no side by side comps with other types. with 1680 at least. Don't have to repeat same info 3-5 times. Not respectful for listener time. Bye

  5. Byd had already developed the luxury SUV, it's basically an amphibious vehicle which crossed a lake in one of their demos. Their luxury line ups are really desirable, you have to check it out

  6. NIO has the best looking EV's in the world; BYD sells many cars because they are mass market, very inexpensive cars. Once NIO subbrands come out, game on

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