Today we have a closer look at the GAC GS8 Trumpchi 320T. The FWD version is a very affordable SUV with a surprising amount of tech and luxury for it’s price. Is it a car worth considering? Watch this video to find out!

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21 thoughts on “2019 GAC GS8 TRUMPCHI 320T SUV Review! Chinese Car Dominates it's Segment?”

  1. Nice review, well done. What alternatives are they for this car, with similar prices and spec? BTW, I like the car cos of its handsome and executive look. I love it

  2. Drive this GS8 in china over 2 years till now, and still feel its pretty attractive. Moreover sometimes i drive BMW 530 2019y and when i sit back in my GS8 i feel its much cooler and luxury thow. Drove over 35k km and only change oil nothing more. Car is reliable and exterior is nice strong (exept a back part which could be a bit bigger. Use 95 gasoline ussual consumption is 6 litters for 100km driving 90-110kmh. everage shows around 8.3 without AC and around 9.5 with constantly using AC. So car is good , but something i still dont like- front seats are low and short, so if u rr over 180 u gonna feel it. Seems like thats all, other stuff i still satisfied .

  3. Funny video, good review, GAC lokk like some USA-big-SUV-style / GM / we do not see Made in China cars in Europe, if not problem price of cars in dollars, regards and sub from me.

  4. Great review mate! Lately I ve seen some good examples from China. Mostly Haval, Geely, Changan . I do believe that the future belongs to them even in the auto industry! But for now, I dont know about their reliability! 13l/100km…kinda insane, such cars need diesel engines! If you have more Chinese car brands in Bahrain please make more reviews on them!

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