Size: 4270*1791*1610mm; wheelbase:2570mm
Fuel Consumption: 5.7L/100km
Engine: 1.3T L3, 121kW/165Ps, 240N.m
Gearbox: CVT
Tire Size: 215/55 R17
Price: around $18,000Welcome to China Auto Show Channel
China Auto Show will bring you brief tour Exterior and interior Walkaround Auto Show


3 thoughts on “2020 Chevrolet Tracker 335T Walkaround- China Auto Show(2020款雪佛兰创酷,外观与内饰实拍)”

  1. I wish we could get this in the U.S. GM can send that Trailblazer back to where ever you found it! It's ugly as hell! It's Fugly. This Trackers styling is spot on.

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