Size: 5437*1958*1893mm; wheelbase:3230mm
Engine: 2.0T L4, 140kW/190Ps, 360N.m
Gearbox: 8AT
Tire Size:265/65 R18
Price: around $24,300
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29 thoughts on “2020 GreatWall Pao Off-Road version—China Auto Show—2020款长城炮越野版,外观与内饰实拍”

  1. I love the interior design. The exterior – is OK except for the front bumper they should put a fog light on it like the ranger raptor, I don't like also the mags design I like thier previous year mags design for pick up truck, also the rear handle bars (I forgot the exact term for it). Those 3 things is the only thing that I don't like on this pick up…. The rest thumbs up???…. Nice job Great Wall Motors….if you fix those 3 things it would definitely sell well here in the Philippines…….. Love from the Philippines??????

  2. Increíble belleza de pickup Geat Wall Pao esta es una Toyota versión China ojo no fue copiada es un convenio de Great Wall con Toyota Corporation de Japón, convenios económicos ganar ganar ya que es obligatorio en china para poder vender cualquier marca en el territorio Chino, se crean esas alianzas Comerciales

  3. Кто бы,что бы не говорил,но китайцы молодцы!Пусть у них машины одноразовые,из "бумаги" сделаны,но черт возьми,они есть!А у нас,какой то ржавый с завода уазик,который штампуют хрен знает сколько лет!!!

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