Size: 4760*1931*1655mm; wheelbase:2950mm
Fuel Consumption: 7.7L/100km
Engine: 2.0T L4, 167kW/227Ps, 387N.m
Gearbox: 7DCT
Tire Size: 235/55 R20
Price: around $25,400
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29 thoughts on “2020 GreatWall WEY VV7 Walkaround—China Auto Show—2020款长城魏派WEY VV7,外观与内饰实拍”

  1. Great looking car that give any established car manufacturers a run for its money, I hope they pay more attention to details especially that the gaps between some panels are quite large otherwise I really love this car! thanks for sharing!!

  2. When I saw it SUDDENLY first in Guangzhou 3 years Ago ! I was shocked how cool and masculine and badass is this car !!! I tried to find which foreign brand is it !! OMG ? when I got it’s a chinese brand I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s designed awesomely ! it’s not a knockoff ! It’s brand new in design! It’s beautiful ?! I wasn’t chinese cars fan BUT after i saw it I fell in love with it and anywhere in the city it made me turn my head!! It’s a gorgeous Car ! Inside and outside! I haven’t had a chance to drive it but regardless of the engine I LOVE THIS CAR !! I believe its design is even cooler than a SUV porsche !! I just didn’t know it belongs to GREAT WALL brand !! This brand other models are not much of a beauty!! But this car proved that CHINA CAN DESIGN BEAUTIFUL CARS AND all those people who blamed chinese brands for copying CAN SEE THIS BEAUTY and start to respect CHINA ??! 中国??加油??!中国??是我的爱!我不是中国人But Love China ?? and chinese people

  3. That's the right direction. China can lead in designs and put a stop to copying others. U will gain much respect all over the world. ✊✊✌️

  4. I have an automotive repair background and I am an Engineer as well. The fit and finish on this vehicle looks very impressive and I really like the interior. I have a Ford and a Honda, and the interior of this vehicle is nicer that both of my vehicles. I live in Canada and I think that this would look really nice in my garage :-).

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