Size: 4671*1902*1697mm; wheelbase:2810mm
Fuel Consumption: 7.2L/100km
Engine: 1.5T L4, 115kW/156Ps, 215N.m
Gearbox: 6AT
Tire Size: 235/65 R17
Price: around $16,500
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8 thoughts on “2020 Hanteng X7 Walkaround—China Auto Show—2020款汉腾X7,外观与内饰实拍”

  1. I believe the china auto industries have grown and improved over the last 10 to 20 years. However it seems that every china car makers are producing the same things…SUV . I am aware that SUVs are very popular but cant china car makers produce something more exciting like a slick sedan or even a sports coupe ? This will act as a HALO car and boost the image of china 's car brands. Look at Toyota….that even came out with the latest Supra !! I am 52 years old and still prefer a vehicle with a " soul ".

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