Size: 4323*1809*1653mm; wheelbase:2583mm
Fuel Consumption: 6.2L/100km
Engine: 1.5L L4, 88kW/120Ps, 150N.m
Gearbox: CVT
Tire Size: 215/55 R17
Price: around $13,300
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28 thoughts on “2020 MG ZS Walkaround- China Auto Show(2020款名爵ZS,外观与内饰高清实拍)”

  1. I think this is the base model of new mg zs. As for my research, the top of the line model is two tone leather. I can say that because I already bought the top of the line model of mg zs which is the alpha. And I felt bad because they facelift mg zs the moment I have the car already. This new zs is what I like.

  2. สวยมาก อยากได้ที่สุด !!! และวันนี้เห็นคันจริงป้ายแดงแต่รู้สึกจะเป็นรุ่นเก่ามั้งแต่คือสวยมาก ชอบที่สุด ?

  3. Heavenly gorgeous, but I hate those red stitches, it gave a mess to the beauty of leather. For design, less is more.

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