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We get behind the wheel of what could be a game-changer for electric cars in Australia, the 2022 BYD Atto 3.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Interior
06:28 Back Seats
08:52 Boot Space
09:59 On The Road
12:02 Summary

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26 thoughts on “2022 BYD Atto 3 Preview | The all-new electric SUV from China |”

  1. BYD Aus just released their scam details of $3.1k you need to pay extra to own the car. They are trying to rip people off by having people service a car that doesn’t require any service.

  2. An experience of buying (ordering) a BYD Yuan Plus (BYD Atto 3):
    Too disappointed at first!
    I ordered a Yuan plus (510KM flagship type) in Kunming, Yunnan, China, on June 14. When I signed the contract, the "car pick-up date" must be: "subject to the arrival of the actual car", according to the salesman (he said that all BYD sales contracts were like this).
    In late June, a car arrived (the salesman said), but the battery pack had a problem during the factory testing and was returned to the factory. Today, August 16, for two months, the salesman says that this type has never appeared due to the lack of chips or the production capacity arranged to the BYD seal. Then he reveals that my order was returned by one person who had waited for 4 months and couldn't wait any longer. So the salesman suggests I choose other types (WOW)… Later I heard that a friend ordered a BYD Song Pro and waited for 6 months (LOL).
    However, I often see news about how good BYD's sales are (and the company's value). For example, Yuan plus's July sales are ranked 6th(China EV domestic), which is now exported to Australia, Singapore, and Japan, named BYD Atto 3. So I really don't understand BYD's operations, as it seems to be playing with consumers.

  3. Hey it looks nice from your video, yes the rotation of the screen is impressive indeed. Air vent is crazy, well if this car can last 10 years I’ll say its a success.

  4. The talking head shot in the car is awful with the camera pulling back and forth WHY? Iit literally made me feel nauseous not to mention it went out of focus….

  5. Should you really be buying something as expensive as an EV, from China?

    China is:

    – committing genocide against Uighurs

    – killing Falun Gong members

    – abusing human rights on an industrial scale

    – threatening Taiwan ??

    Buying something as expensive as EVs from China would really support China economically + their gruesome policies.

    (written on a non-Chinese phone)

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