Changan’s now the newest kid on the block looking to make a splash in the market. We feel that this 2022 Changan CS35 Plus will achieve great things in the country with its well-to-do interior with premium trimmings, performance engine, and finally it’s amazing value for money. Topping out in price at just P998,000 Philippine Pesos, the Changan CS35 could be the subcompact crossover that puts the brand on the map.

More info on the Changan CS35 Plus:

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23 thoughts on “2022 Changan CS35 Plus Review | Behind the Wheel”

  1. Don’t buy a Changan in the Philippines. The specification is not the same as more civilised countries and the build quality is terrible. I should know as I own one

  2. 4:59 -> the BMW Series G22 series offers the same feature . I drive a 2022 BMW 318 touring, that offers exactly the same trunk Roller blind storage. Not sure who was first, the BMW G21 Touring is since 2019 available.

  3. I think I felt red colour and 1 4 engine made it look cheap. I can't understand the yellow and red colour inside outside Chinese car it's so ugly look at German French Italian even Spanish. I know some people wanted buy the car but red colour and 1.4 turbo engine in hot weather middle east south east Asia are not a good choice

  4. Test drove 2 times and wala naman jerkiness or jumpiness nasa tapak lang talaga. Also tried GCR but I chose this because of the safety features and the design. I think the classier look of its design will stand the test of time.

    Excited to get this. I just hope that in 5 years everything still works fine.

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