Price: around $46,000
Size: 4970*1999*1548mm; wheelbase:3005mm
Recharge mileage:605km
Maximum power:400kw
Maximum torque:768Nm
0-100 km/h: sec. 3.8
Top Speed(km/h):
Tire Size: 255/45 R21
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35 thoughts on “2022 Geely ZEEKR 001 EV Walkaround—China Auto Show—2022款吉利极氪001,外观与内饰实拍”

  1. It looks good, and the name is kinda cool. The name can really make or break a car. Sorry, but as an example, "Lynk & Co" really sound like some sort of perfume or makeup brand.

  2. жаль в Россию нормальные машины не везут, а только барахло всякое. сейчас немцы ушли, самое время завезти сюда хорошие авто, занять место

  3. Can’t believe people think Tesla is the best when cars like this exist ultra modern and luxurious with unique design

  4. 出丑了,前盖和车身油漆的色温都不一样,看起来金属含量也有区别。样车的工艺就不能稍微弄弄好么?

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