Price: around $19,046
Size: 4680*1810*1415mm; wheelbase:2720mm
Fuel Consumption: 5.4L/100km
Engine: 1.5L L4, 84.5kW/115Ps, 143.9N.m
Gearbox: CVT
0-100 km/h: sec.
Top Speed(km/h): 190
Tire Size: 225/45 R17

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7 thoughts on “2022 Hyundai Elantra Walkaround—China Auto Show—2022款现代伊兰特,外观与内饰实拍”

  1. Hyundai is ripping Americans off in the US. I have an Elantra 2022 limited and I'm disappointed to see how much more features the Chinese Elantra has.

    My Elantra does not have rear air vents, rear USB ports, and touch-sensitive climate control buttons.

    Hyundai loves their loyal Chinese customers more than the US.

  2. I think we need Vehicles that are really interesting that are really worth what they COST, I think that there are several ideas to improve:

    1. On the one hand, pure and “hard” all-terrain vehicles are needed, but only on the outside BUT very comfortable on the inside, among many other things with seats with shock absorbers. On the other hand, there is a need for “soft” vehicles that are light and compact on the outside with a reduction gear and manual differential lock, especially for POOR countries.

    2 That there are very complete designs and that several incomplete versions are sold that can later be completed. Suitable for, increase the displacement, turbo, 4×4, reducer, dual-zone air, larger tires, put more air bags, cushioned seats. Also hoses to put more cables inside them to put more lights. Low and sub legal displacement versions for the country of destination 999cc 1499 cc 3999cc

    3 4×4 Skills: 4×4, with center diff, lock all diffs, 10:1 gear ratio, off road suspension, cushioned seats, swingarm cross brace for rear axle suspension, rather than having chassis torsion tilt axle like wheeled tractors, loaders or excavators, manual traction control (a button to brake the spinning wheel(s) at will) ====(0)= tractor axles with housing to one side, brake and/or manual accelerator for starting on hills, anti-derailment chains with stops and side guides, chains and straps whose drive side remains STRAIGHT, engine brake or Jacob on certain diesels or that is included in the design for the user to install later, turbos with cooling fins and redundant air cooling, sump with ease of perfectly sucking the oil, sump with the possibility of perfectly sucking the coolant, batteries with the covers to one side that p allow suction and change of electrolyte, opening of thermostat and turning on of radiator fan also at will

    4 Shared platforms for several models of the same brand and of other brands, sharing components with other vehicles of the same brand and of other brands: components such as: complete engines, suspension systems, platforms, frames, transmissions, drive axles, pistons, starter motors, injectors, steering boxes, bearings, glass, hinges, locks, pressure gauges, sensors, seats.

    5 Take full advantage of expired or expiring “patents” of other brands, make manufacturing agreements that will soon make manufacturing rights free, ship or produce in the country of marketing vehicles that have the vast majority of main vehicle components already very common in that country, for example in Colombia Chevrolet spark

    6 CHEAP LUXURY: CNC carved stained wood, hot shaped wood, details in stainless steel or aluminum with very thin sheets on plastic structures, cut glass imitating diamond. Cushioned seats, cushioned rudder. FREE LUXURY: Such as Spacious interior space, Maximizing ergonomics in seat structure Figured really for glutes ? and hamstrings (w), Vertical springs in seat padding, Ergonomics in seat interior shape doors, in the driving position, in the form of buttons, wheels and knobs, double glass and raised glass in the doors; transparent exterior polarized interior.

    7 Cars pre-designed to be armored, for example with: flat glass, ease of installation, heavy-duty glass lift, reinforced hinges, “truck” gearbox with many gears and very resistant steel, truck engine with a lot of torque, engine brake or Jacob, differential suitable for high torque, chassis and body reinforced or easy to reinforce, suspension for high weight and cushioned seats as compensation.

    8 Vehicles disguised as other vehicles for example a focus disguised as a Mustang, a Swift disguised as a Camaro and produced only on request.

    9 Timeless or per-temporary designs: flat or almost flat, smooth, clean, cute, also based on very famous and successful designs. Replicas of the most beloved cars in history

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