As the world’s number one producer and seller of new cars, it is the goal of Chinese automakers to become the world’s biggest exporter of cars, and the key to achieving this goal is the upcoming 2023, so can China continue to maintain high growth in overseas export sales in the new year? OK, that and more is exactly what we are going to talk about today. Let’s take a look.


35 thoughts on “2023, will China's auto exports surpass Japan to become the world's number one?”

  1. 你拿什么做封面都不要拿哈弗f7做封面 这车卖得一般般,不算大卖。还不如拿avatr11做封面,虽然卖得也不多,但avatr够高端大气啊。

  2. China cars are very beautiful , superb quality and very much affordable .
    In Singapore before you buy a car you have to pay S$ 100,000 buy a piece of paper called certificate of entitlement which is only valid for maximum 10 years and have to pay additional for the car itself around S$100,000 , in total you pay around S$200,000 for an ordinary car ,all over the world which sells below USD $50,000 .

  3. China has their own natural resources to build millions of batteries and solar panels to provide clean energy.after 10 yrs maybe they will banned diesel and gasoline cars slowly until they achieved zero carbon.

  4. 中国汽车产业是经过40年厚积薄发的积累而成,40年前VW决定和上海汽车集团合作,而Toyota都不屑与中方合作。当时中国汽车工业落后西方接近50年。

  5. In the field of traditional fuel vehicles, China started too late. However, as the world enters the era of new energy vehicles, China stands on the same starting line as global automakers and takes the lead one step ahead. China is now not only the world's largest manufacturer of new energy electric vehicles, but also the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, as well as the world's largest production base for new energy electric vehicle batteries. Japan made a wrong bet when the world entered the era of new energy vehicles. Japan is more focused on hydrogen energy vehicles. However, in reality, the cost of hydrogen energy is too high, and it is difficult to be accepted by the market at present.

  6. That's what happens when you close all the busyness is around the world and you go to China for cheap labour cheap things stupid world allowed China to become too big and too aggressive

  7. CHINA give incentives for EXISTING ICE vehicles in China ( ~ 340million ICE ) that need to be scrap over time. Many ICE are due for replacement ( More than 7 years old). If it replace 40 miiion per YEAR …it would take over 10 years !!! Thus CHINA itself can absorb 40 Million EV per year. Increasing prices for Petrol , Diesel and Road Tax as China progress towards Carbon and Polllution reduction will expediate the transion to EV.

  8. Please, please have someone check your English script. .. If you are presenting this to an English audience, then you need to do proper scripting in English…

  9. It is All about Electric Cars. Battery Industry. Electric Car Production. Raw Materials, Batteries, EV Cars. Quality, Price, Service. China is frontrunner. Companies BYD CATL SAIC Batteries, BYD, Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, NIO SwapNGo Stations, Xpeng Wuling MG Volvo Polestar GMC Geely and many more. China is frontrunner. Leaving ICE Cars in the Dust. I wait for NIO SwapNGo Stations in the EU Route du Soleil to go to Spain Costa Blanca. Swap Swap Swap Swap Swap

  10. The Chinese EVs are quite advanced, China & The USA are the two top players in this field. But the Japanese cars are more advanced in fuel cars. The Germany and Japan are the two top players in this filed.

  11. Just tell china to make their cars as reliable as japanese cars. Exporting too much unreliable cars will make no difference with germany's volkswagen.

  12. let's think if every Chinese has a MIC vechicle..there will be far more production lines needed to fill this figure up. China has a most comprehensive mechanical, battery, AI, navigation system and semiconductor supply chain for any EV. Even Vietnam or Indonesia made EV will be surpassing conventional Japan and Europe players some days later.

  13. I am glad that Japan takes the loss in a stride and get back on feet' if Chinese overtake Japan, unlike USA who just whinged and played badly (enact one-sided law or sanctions) when forced to a corner. USA – stop being a cry baby! Gt up and fight your damnest! Talk less and do more!

  14. Japan made a bad bet on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The production of hydrogen from water require 4 times the energy that is obtained from using the hydrogen in fuel cells.

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