Mat’s been over in China checking out the Shanghai Motor Show, and he’s discovered a whole host of cars that’ll be exclusive to the Chinese market! From long wheel-base BMWs to an ultra-luxurious Range Rover, join him as he takes you on a tour of these Asian-exclusive models! But which of these them would you like to see get a global release?

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48 thoughts on “£80,000 Volkswagen 'Phaeton' and the other cool cars the Chinese get we DON'T!”

  1. Earlier the so called "third world" was getting worst quality products comparing to Europe. Nowadays, the EU is getting the worst versions of cars with 3-cylinder crapppy engines and decreasing interiir quality.

  2. 路虎 (Land Rover) actually means Road Tiger or I guess it sounds more cool if you understand it as the Tiger of the Road. So it’s a pretty cool name for the British auto manufacturer

  3. It is shame VW don't make the Phaeton anymore! It is also a shame that such a brilliant luxury car was the victim of brand snobbery, not any objective technical feature.

  4. China maybe evil but cheap labor, the worlds highest population, a government dictatorship and lack of human rights means great and cheap technological advancements. Nice cars lol

  5. Loving this one thanks for sharing very information blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work ????????????

  6. Yeah because why bother getting a long wheelbase equals when you can just move up to the other to the higher level the S class that’s even more luxurious in the first place anyway

  7. Long wheel bass three series is as long as a five series a long wheelbase five series is as long as a seven series a seven series long wheelbase is as long as 20 m long limo

  8. Phaeton was a disaster from the get go, sold it for a year then it has disappeared for a reason, nobody wanted a Passat for the price of an Audi A8.

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