In this video we Diagnose a overheating VW and we’ll find out if a
cheap Chinese car key from wish does actually work.

For the Autel IM608 used in the video;

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43 thoughts on “A Cheap Chinese Car Key from Wish, will it work?”

  1. I have to wonder about the quality of the cheap key. I wonder if they bother to give it a unique code. Meaning, any other key from the same supplier that just happens to be in the same "window" for the rolling codes will work.

  2. I had a VW Polo TDi (2006 from new) after a15 years with it I got a 2019 Polo TSi petrol.. OMG compared to the diesel it is flooded with gadgets bells and whistles.. radar braking (frightened the life out of me) I got an OBD2 gadget and trying to learn some basic diagnostic stuff.. but all this new technology are mostly toys and takes a wizard to work out what is really going on.. YT s full of complaints of garages replacing stuff and charging the customer with no fix.. and these are the so called experts of the dealerships. What chance does the average Joe have? Dan i a true technician not just a fitter of ' let's try this' parts.

  3. Ugh the previous shop…. piercing wires in an exposed location like that…. could at least have painted some liquid electrical tape on the holes. No doubt the fans will fail again in a couple of years and the cause will be the green crusties eating the wires through right where the holes are.

  4. Man you are good,actually verry good. Respect man. Same problem with my 2013 vw tiguan,sometimes my wife told me, when runs on highway,car notice that the is not in range,but it is in the car. Verry strange for me.Key battery is new. Thans again and keep it like this. Respect

  5. FYI- South Main Auto did a test of a number of "Scan Tool" and showed that many give FALSE readings, but the Autel DID NOT.
    I'm not saying yours does, or that yours did in this video, just wanted to make you aware of his findings.

  6. You are checking the voltage while connected, The feed it 12V, but the fan do not work. although the Fans are good. So, where is the voltage drops? I don't know why? can you explain for me?

  7. Dan, you would be a brain, a heart, a driver, an engine, a powerplant of any workshop. You would be a priceless team member for any dealership. In my country clever guys never stay for a long time at dealer shops. My respects to you!

  8. Can you please publish the name of the workshop that took three weeks of overheating to realize the fans were not working? Their diagnostic abilities appear to be second to none!

  9. Hey there

    I have a question here I have a fast key that I want to get it programmed i went to four dealership they wanted to charge me $2000 they said i need 5 antennas front, back, left, right and sunroof. Also would need bcm dash board harness and more. they also said I would need new fast key cause these are useless.

    Can anyone help me how to program this.


  10. I know this is an old vid, but do you recall which particular vendor you purchased the Fob from? I have a Saab with two working keys, but would like to know if a cheap clone could be programmed to the car?

  11. If you'll take your extension cord assembly from your power probe and hook it to the battery you'll always have a reliable power and ground everywhere you go. No more running up and down the step ladder ?

  12. Loading the circuit (any circuit) is paramount… voltage can register when the current-draw is negligible… but as soon as you put a load on (draw current) , the voltage "droops"… an extreme example of this is cranking an engine… a bad battery might show a normal 12v on a multimeter… but cranking the engine over whilst reading the voltage will give you a true understanding of the "stiffness" of the power source i.e. the battery…

    In electronics, a stiff power supply is one which doesn't suffer voltage-droop on load… it is also a low impedance (read resistance) source of power… an old battery develops a high internal resistance & so is unable to provide a heavy current.. its own internal resistance controls the max current that can flow…

    An understanding of basic Ohms Law rules will take you a long way…

    To see a voltage (almost) without current, look up a "lemon battery" … a multimeter would confirm it has voltage but NOT (any real) current capacity…

  13. Hi Mr D I really like all your videos. Please can you help with my sister's Vw Jetta 5 TFSI 2010. The car doesn't rev up to its normal revs. Please help me

  14. Although he did diagnose the repair, I disagree with the way he did it. It the wires got warm enough to melt the insulation, there is a good chance the conductors inside suffered damage. He should have replaced the terminals. Not replacing them could cause a problem later on.

  15. So the other workshop pierced the cables (already a bad idea) but didnt take the time to at least put a bit of electrical tape over it..? Great way to create a future problem…

  16. Once again, absolutely brilliant! I have been a electrical engineer for 16 years. Car electrics go beyond me but you make everything so more understandable and clearer. I’m catching up with all your videos! Regards from London!

  17. I’ve got the same car and the main earth wire snapped inside but looked ok it cost me a lot of money and 3 different people to find the problem ???

  18. One of the things that I was taught early on in my electrical engineering career was to use the right tool for the job in hand. In this case a 50 cent light bulb was superior equipment to a $300 Fluke DMM.

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