A tsunami is coming: the Chinese EV invasion has begun…

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37 thoughts on “A tsunami is coming: the Chinese EV invasion has begun…”

  1. Hopefully people don't buy and support Chines made EV's as all they are doing is providing money to the Communist Bully Boy of the world to manufacture weapons to intimidate countries in the world into political submission .

  2. This is the most sensible of the Videos you've made – People don't realize it but China sold 3 million EVs in 2021 far more than any other EV market; for example Tesla only made 250,000 cars TOTAL in 2021 world wide. China will fill the EV market with a wide range of cheaper alternatives – way cheaper like 1/2 or 1/5th the cost of a big fat heavy Tesla. That doesn't mean Tesla will be destroyed but it will be a high end niche maker – selling to rich people like they already do; however look for a decline compared to other EV makers in terms of sales numbers. Tesla could go down but I don't think so; if it can make the 4680 cell it will do OK.

  3. I remember the GM EV1 back in the 90s' what a great vehicle ! I thought it was going to take over the EV revolution, what happened General Motors?

  4. I cannot understand a single word….I have no idea what this Cro-Magnom is mumbling about….. Can someone please translate what he's saying to me in American English????????

  5. Japanese car manufacturers executives are idiots. They just made a pact to protect ICE and they're about to lose big time to China. They should have gone all out on electric cars a few years ago like the Chinese did.

  6. XPeng is partly owned by ALiBaba, the Amazon of China. They have a very strong backing, and will be a major manufacturer. To use the headline "Tsunami" implies a massive wave sweeping over the USA, when in reality BYD and others will dip their toes very gingerly into the US market. The US market is really 50 sub-markets where you have to contend with state laws which limit how you can sell your product. There are also requirements to have parts for something like 7 years. France and Italy have struggled so badly with USA, that France left and has been gone for more than a decade. It is very easy to lose money in the USA, and the chinese are not big on losing money. So how about changing the headline to "slow dribble of chinese car products head to the USA…." ha ha

    You won't get that far in the US market unless you build your battery factories here. The writing is on the wall that imported batteries may not be eligible for the large tax credits, which is why you see Toyota's giant factory announcement. Here is california, Japanese cars are almost 50% of the market, and there is no way that consumers are going to jump on a chinese brand. Hyundai is making great strides, and in California it is so competitive that Chinese brands would really struggle to gain a foothold. Toyota/Lexus/Honda/Acura are delivering great products at reasonable prices, not that easy to invade when customers are happy.

  7. can you not use the word "invasion"? you know you 5eyes people, especially the caucasians, when you hear or see "invasion" you get kinda crazy n next thing we've got ourselves another world war.

  8. The Japan / China comparison has some huge dissimilarities you have to mention.

    Japan was a capitalistic country with support from the US in rebuilding after WW2 and China is a controlled market which is positioned as the western worlds communist adversary.

    China could follow Japan's path and start producing quality cars but that's not guaranteed. Taking a industry in 15 years from crap to great is not a given.. so far I have not seen enough evidence to the quality of Chinese cars to know which way they are trending.

  9. Way too much upside comments on china and not much downside.. I can't tell if that's on purpose or what?

    Saying china is the largest EV producer is a bit misleading.. you have to caveat the fact the majority are barely cars which would never be approved for use in western markets due to safety and even market demand.

    Selling 5k cars in the largest market with incentives, will not translate to america.. they will have to almost make completely separate cars.

    Also you are not even mentioning the elephant in the room.. the CCP is getting crazy and there will be push back from western nations.

  10. No worries, soon the "free" worlds will be banning those "communist", "forced labor", "polluting", "unsecured", "pattern theft", "hazardous", "yaddayadda" Chinese makers.

  11. Video starts 2:12
    your video content is great other than the rambles at the start, this one is nearly a quarter of the video and hearing that sameish speil 4 or 5 times a day is getting old

  12. You are right, the chinese EV industry has grown so much recently that prices of lithium phosphate batteries for backup applications has risen significantly due to a shortage of lithium raw materials.

  13. I don't hear anyone addressing some major concerns that might stop china.. likelihood of trapdoors in their products and the societal instability of the CCP. Comparing China to Japan is a tough comparison, some similarities but things like size and free markets are drastically different.

  14. at the end of each video you should post for five seconds the title of a video you will post next day but available now for members. most elegant solution.

  15. Reuters have confirmed today that BYD will supply their Blade Battery and tech., to Toyota to build a USD30,000 BEV for sale in China.

    It's amazing; BYD have gone from copying Toyota in their early days to now building their cars!!!

  16. In a note to The Driven, CEO of TrueGreen Mobility’s Luke Todd – whose company EV Direct will sell the Yuan Plus and a range of other BYD models to Australian drivers via an exclusive direct-to-consumer model with the Chinese EV giant – said that he has been directly involved with testing the Australia spec vehicle.

    “I’m currently in China doing final design styling and testing work on our mass launch vehicle which is the Australian variant of what’s being released in China as the Yuan Plus,” Todd said.

  17. Two BYD Yuan Plus vehicles built to Australian specifications are currently being tested in China ahead of shipment to Australia in time for a new showroom in William Street in Sydney’s Darlinghurst.

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