The electric vehicle industry has been rapidly growing and developing locally and internationally due to a confluence of factors such as government support, private consumer demand and many other factors. The automobile industry in China has also begun to develop a large and reputable electrical vehicle sector, supported by both the private and public sector.

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So today you are going to see the rise of electric vehicle factories happening in china. Watch the advancement of china’s electric car factories in this video.

Watch the video to learn more…

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45 thoughts on “Advanced Electric Vehicle Factories In China Are On The Rise! WATCH”

  1. Thats a poor video. The facts are partly not correct and mixed. So far there is no "World Class" from China. Its in chinese culture. Go into a CMM room and wipe the CMM table. It will be dirty. I know what I am talking about. And I am not against China. But they are not yet on the same standard.

  2. China huge population cannot rely on fossil fuel. It not enough. So electric is good once you have recharge infrastructure .ps alot of cuts at ur intro china pinoy

  3. Alibaba has got mid size 4 seater 30 mnt fast charge. 70 mph 380 km EV for less than $5.000. us.
    But you have to buy 10 to get that price each.
    Here in the us they would fetch 20 grand apeice and sell cokes on a hot day at the ball park.

  4. Electric vehicles like bus car scooter is useless in himalayan road and rough road and also it is hardly durable for two years after its warranty it is useless
    It is use and throw production

  5. The future of all transportation is electric.
    Electric cars, electric trucks, electric buses, electric trains, electric trash haulers, electric boats and even all electric lawn and garden equipment. Gas and diesel are OLD POLLUTING technology. Electric is just better. No noise, no emissions, no pollution, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs. The sooner the world changes to all electric vehicles the better it will be for the environment. The Climate Crisis is getting worse. WE need Climate Action.

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