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A few days ago, I saw a Russian YouTuber saying:’ 20 years ago, when I mentioned Chinese cars in Russia, the first things come out of mind are all kinds of copycats. Russians think that Chinese cars are all one-offs and are of extremely poor quality. Now Russians over 40 years old are still highly skeptical about Chinese cars. But the views of young people are different. There has been a huge change in the views of young people on Chinese products, and this change has gradually penetrated into the automotive field.’

Recently, the YouTuber found that there are more and more Chinese cars on the streets of Russia. There are already 700 dealers in Russia specializing in selling Chinese cars. There are also more and more Chinese car factories in Russia, such as Geely Automobile in Kaliningrad and Great Wall Motors in Tula. But is this really the case?
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4 thoughts on “All Chinese cars overnight? | BYD | Geely | GreatWall”

  1. The Chinese cars have reached markets all around the world. I am surprised that in countries which are very anti-China like Australia and the UK there is a big demand for Chinese cars and these cars receive good reviews. Of course one of the attractions of Chinese cars in these countries is the price to performance where Chinese cars perform as well if not better than European cars costing twice as much. Another thing that amazes me is how Chinese car manufacturers can produce so many cars so quickly to satisfy the tremendous volume of sales of their cars in China as well as overseas.

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