An onslaught of Chinese car brands is hitting Europe

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34 thoughts on “An onslaught of Chinese car brands is hitting Europe”

  1. Well it's because Geopolitics that EU get the China EV 2nd.
    West get these 3rd…
    While China market get these 1st.

    But unlikely some China EV will never come to West (eg 1000km ones) because Geopolitics getting too hot soon explode 2024

    I hope these 1000km do come over to Aus before that happens and hope affordable too

  2. The Japanese carmakers pummeled their US and European counterparts after conquering Asia in the 1990s and 2000s with their slew of gas-sipping models. Likewise the Chinese carmakers will now pummel the Japanese, Americans and European carmakers by merely inundating their respective markets with cheaper but high-quality built EVs.

  3. If you want to stall in the highway go ahead and buy these copycats. But I won’t be given you a helping hand though. Wait for the next chi-naman for the rescue.

  4. More options, cheaper price and better quality benefits consumers and it's welcome regardless they're made in USA, China or India. It help to protect our environment too

  5. Oh and Chinese battery and energy companies lead markets in both. Especially the battery industry. Which is why it is cheaper and faster for Chinese companies. Tesla has a lot of hype about their battery and energy division. But do not have the market shares or lead in battery and energy. Also China has the most advanced recharging infrastructure in the world. Something the West is sorely lacking in investment into. There is also the infrastructure of of transportation that China has heavily invested into. Which makes domestic ability to transport materials fast and more importantly in good time. Add in investment into mineral and other resources by way of BRI initiatives. And the favorable investment deals with BRI partners. Which many partners in the BRI have gone to and have renegotiated the deals with China. For any number of domestic issues by the countries in the BRI partnership. Of which China has almost always been reasonably amenable to. As Chinese officials always say a win, win cooperation.

  6. Ok 1st, but unrelated to this video subject. Did Norwegian and Scandinavian countries hear about. How the Vikings were not blonde blue eyed white people. But generic testing showed that it was East Asian genetic DNA. 2nd why onslaught of Chinese electric cars, for the title? It could have simply been Chinese Auto manufacturers are making headway into European Markets.

  7. Geely has carefully preserved Volvo's "Swedish, safe and green" identity – that's the reason their design and development is done in Sweden. The only possible reason they've worn the cost and management (internal culture) difficulties of that is intent to invade western markets, especially Europe It's certainly not needed for the Chinese market.

  8. Only reason China is tolerating tTesla’s in their country with such a sweet deal yes so they can steal Tesla‘s technology and trained workforce. At any time the CCP can shut Tesla down!! Ancient Chinese strategist says “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”! Check out the Electric Viking’s other videos on how most Legacy autos are made in China anyway before they get banned:

  9. It is all about to turn to shit in China with the Evegrand property crash and China's 270% of gdp debt mountain.
    When it happens financial concerns around the world who are owed this debt and the world financial system in general will suffer a credit crunch worse than that of 2008, with
    financial institutions scared to lend money again. There will be world wide mass unemployment and the inability to buy any electric cars,
    Chinese or otherwise because of the lack of finance. Watch this space.

  10. how do you see the Chinese adaptation of electric cars affecting their overall power usage and, if any, its contribution to their present and possibly future power shortage?

  11. Hybrids are an unfortunate halfway house, and were a valid option when the Prius was first introduced, as a way of reducing emissions until Battery tech could provide enough range. Guess what? We're already there with Battery tech (LiFePO anyone).

  12. I think you're way optimistic to talk about Ford and GM in 2030. I think the writing will be on the wall by 2025. The only legacy auto manufacturer that seems to understand the coming situation is Volkswagen. All the rest are pretending they have a decade to change.

  13. Well Sam Tesla just hit it’s all time high. BYD is just about at all time highs and xpeng is on an upward trajectory . People are better off listening to you than jp Morgan or Goldman sacks. Which I have at a nice profit, of course these are my own decisions with your background information. Keep up the research my friend?

  14. Where did you find that logo for "LDV" shown at 2.28 ?

    It looks nothing like the Chinese LDV logo … but remarkably similar to the old Birmingham England van company of the same name that was around in the 1990s.

  15. Brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes are still asking really high prices for options why you need to pay 2.480 euro extra to use your phone as a key on a BMW i4 or 205 euro for wireless charging or 3.755 euro for 20-inch wheels? A lot of the Chinese brands include most options as standard. So base BMW i4 is 60.800 euro and it is 75.935 euro with options and even then, you get a car that is based on an ICE car.

  16. I love your videos Electric Viking – keep it up – a small correction though at 8.14 reusing LiDAR in a car hhmm I know Subaru use LiDAR in their new Eyesight X driver-assist system

  17. I don't care what company's make the car.
    My biggest problem is changing.
    I have had to return my e208.
    And now drive a 3008 hybrid.
    This is simply because of charging I cannot charge my car at home because of the price of the charger.
    And the closest charger is ionity 7 miles away.
    My local super market had pod point chargers that have now been removed.
    The UK has terrible charging infrastructure.
    You have one or two chargers in town that are taken up by car's that are plugged in all day.
    Or the idiots with petrol car's parked in the bay because they can't be bothered to walk the extra 10 feet.
    Or the chargers are simply not working.

  18. China is out to render the US Petro-Dollar worthless by disrupting the demand for oil and rendering it worthless. You only need to strip 2% of the demand for oil a year to send it below $25/bl permanently.

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