#Chinainsights#Jackma#chinanewstoday The Alibaba Group, founded by Jack Ma, was split into six subsidiaries in March 2023 under the vigorous supervision of the Chinese authorities. It’s an official announcement that the Alibaba empire is dismantled. According to several Chinese media reports, Jack Ma called a meeting of the company’s top management… Continue Reading Massive Layoff: What Alibaba great shakeup bring to China? From the top to demise, 6 month is enough

#chinainsights This year, on January 19th, a 27-year-old girl in Northeast China was urged to get married by her mother and aunt. She was embarrassed and annoyed at the same time, covering her head with her clothes and declaring she couldn’t take it anymore. The scene has resonated with many… Continue Reading Chinese New Year brings dread to unmarried people/Low fertility leads society to add pressure

In the nearly 30 years of domestic auto industry development, China hasn’t been able to overcome the core technical issues of automobiles in the era of internal combustion engines. The rise of the new energy vehicle industry, represented by electric vehicles, had prompted the CCP’s top brass to plan to… Continue Reading Asia's largest new energy automaker goes bankrupt, Why? Warren Buffett reduces stake in China's BYD