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MG4, Tesla Model 3, VW ID. Buzz, BMW i4 & many more – the choice of EVs is better than ever before! But which are the best ones you can buy? We name the top 10 in 2023 and the ones to avoid.

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45 thoughts on “Best Electric Cars 2023 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10 | What Car?”

  1. Why are we all making it sound normal to spend £42k – £61k on a car? I'd want 2 bedrooms and a south facing garden for that money. And when people say "I just bought one"…. no you didn't, you have finance and a huge final balloon payment at the end. We are building a time bomb of debt just to keep up with the Jones's. Also, not one reviewer or person that comments on these videos mentions the environmental reason behind their so called "purchase". No, It's all about looking flash down the golf club and social standing with the neighbors. Just insecure, superficial morons desperately seeking social acceptance from other insecure, superficial morons.

  2. The best electric vehicle brand is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. Some popular electric vehicle brands include:

    1 Tesla: Known for their sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and long-range electric vehicles, Tesla has become a leader in the electric vehicle market.

    2 Chevrolet: Chevy offers a range of electric vehicles, including the Bolt, which has a range of over 250 miles on a single charge.

    3 Nissan: Nissan offers the LEAF, one of the first mass-market electric vehicles, and has continued to innovate in the electric vehicle space.

    4 BMW: BMW offers a range of electric vehicles, including the i3, which features a unique design and cutting-edge technology.

    5 Jaguar: Jaguar offers the I-PACE, a luxury electric SUV with impressive performance and range.

    Ultimately, the best electric vehicle brand will depend on a number of factors, including budget, range requirements, and personal preferences. It's recommended to do research, test drive different models, and consult with a trusted expert before making a purchase decision.

  3. No advertising money means no soup for you Tesla?
    What a joke I mean I love all EV's but lets put them up there head to head as you did in your nicely done cold and hot weather EV review.
    It was clear that Tesla were the best in both of those tests.

  4. what's the point in comparing cars that are so different from each other?! It proves that 'electric' is still just a segment

  5. What the hell? How did it go so horribly wrong at the end? The Model 3 was obviously no. 2 and the Model Y no. 1….but the VW Id Buzz? Have you seen it? Have you seen the price? Have you compared it to the concept car they sold everybody on? Have you seen the independent reviews on YouTube?

    Putting the inferior Taycan instead of the Model Plaid we can put down to just personal taste of the reviewer. Claiming the ID Buzz over the Model Y as Car of the Year just destroys any credibility.


  6. Interesting line up – and then you blew your credibility by making the ID Buzz the No.1. Grossly overpriced overrated and a great example of style over substance.

  7. Tesla doesn’t advertise in their magazine. That the worlds best selling EV, the Tesla model Y, doesn’t appear in their top 10 is entirely unrelated…..

  8. What about the children mining in DR Congo and the pollution we are doing to the world just making the batteries . Now we are hearing about the pollution at the new battery materials mine in the USA?

  9. Good luck with getting a Buzz. My boss ordered his last May ( yes 2022) and VW have told him September 2023. So, its ca r you cant get thats best………………….. great…………..

  10. Bizarre. I had a Model 3 for 3 years, and now have a Model Y. Loved the 3, but the Y is better in every practical way apart from outright performance and handling which What Car don't usually care about very much (unlike Evo, TG, Car etc) so no idea why the Y doesn't even make it into the top 10. It's the best selling EV and in the top 10 for worldwide sales so that many people cant be wrong. ID Buzz is lipstick on a pig (MEB platform).

  11. Although these are pretty good vehicles, the prices are still outside of the average working persons budget

    The one thing that I personally don't like is all the technical gadgetry, big screens and the like, I'd rather have a basic dash which can be read clearly and proper switch gear, there's too much to go wrong with the amount of technology in new vehicles and for me, they've lost their appeal

  12. MG4 @ £26000 might be cheap for those on a good salary but a family man with 3 kids , mortgage rates going up and everything else going up isn't an option and most will just buy a reasonably priced petrol/ diesel car as a family car.

  13. You should be talking about there’s Not enough Working public chargers . If we are to believe the report in the Times last week stating there is only 30 ev to a charger and that Failed the target of 300K public chargers by 2020 . Unless you have Home charging then people have charging problems . Coz what you Stated about the Ionic 5 and the Already range improvement probably the Most Important part of an EV ,is best imo wait till 2030 where we will see Any New Batteries Tech etc and How many public chargers . At the moment Tesla is still best EV simply coz they understood there’s No point making a EV without charging points and they took the Brave decision to install chargers them selfs instead of Relying on governments or companies installing them …as we can see .

  14. I knew this was just Vw advertising when you put a nice looking expensive bus ahead of more reasonably priced metal. The range on that is buzz just doesn’t cut it. Range isn’t everything, but it counts … a lot. I quite like the design but the interior materials just will not hold up to my kids ?

  15. I like the Cadillac escalade ESV from 2020 for seeing that it has a Cadillac escalade ESV Electric like the 2020 one day because this is a my favorite Car brand. ?

  16. None of them, at any price, will get me from Peterborough to Gloucester and back, in the real World, without stopping for a charge. Did it this weekend in my RSQ3 and still had over 110 miles left in the tank. A Car magazine multi EV winter range test showed none of the cars got within 100 miles of their WLTP range. The iD Buzz achieved 160 miles on a full charge……..not good for a vehicle marketed as a tourer.

  17. Pretty pointless list since it is largely just most expensive is best.

    Not a single b segment EV got represented here and only 1 C. Who was this list for?

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