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BUY Nio Stock, XPeng Stock And Li Auto Stock ? | Chinese EV Stocks Analysis | XPEV Stock, NIO Stock

In today’s video we discussed Nio Stock analysis 2020 then we discussed Xpeng stock analysis 2020 and then also Li Auto Stock Analysis 2020.
The tickers for these stocks are Buy Nio Stock, Buy XPEV Stock and lastly Buy Li Stock.

Then i answered questions like, is nio stock a buy and also is XPEV Stock a buy and then also questions such as is NIO Stock a good investment and is XPEV Stock a good investment.
But also should i buy xpev stock and should i buy nio stock.

Then we spoke about is nio stock overvalued or is nio stock undervalued. But we also covered is xpev stock overvalued or is xpev stock undervalued.
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22 thoughts on “BUY Nio Stock, XPeng Stock And Li Auto Stock ? | Chinese EV Stocks Analysis | XPEV Stock, NIO Stock”

  1. Hi Dylan, i am your brand new fan. First of all thanks for very clear and fully understandable view on it. I am as a stranger (citizen of Czech Republic) from time to time strugelling to understand some words, esspecially in the financial matters which i am not fully familiar with. But you just have been amazing in this video. I also higly appreciate that you are not afraid to tell your opinion and you overall seems to be well informed and really wants for us just the best. i will definitely stick here for a long. greetings from CZ!

  2. New subscriber, I’m a new investor but I know not to buy on FOMO!! I read Jp morgan “coincidently” bought many shares before they gave their “upgrade”. Waiting patiently on correction. ????

  3. The reasoning behind this video will also say Nio is overpriced when it was $20 since it is only half the valuation of now and it should still be over priced, right? That does not make sense to me since Nio is not subject to conventional valuing model, not even the one values Tesla because one single most important reason: the unfair advantage in China by the backing of CCP. This is no method can model this kind of business. Right now NIO is a momentum stock. Yes, I think it has risk but I doubt it will even come down much below $35.

  4. Great video Dylan and enjoyed your perspective on Nio. I’m in agreement, I see the company as a tremendous contributor in the EV sector but at this price …. not yet. I’m looking for Nio to either consolidate but prefer the pullback. I’m watching $20-$25 range to dollar avg into. Also note to mention the GAP created in Sept-Oct when price bumps started has not been filled and that leaves an imbalance outstanding to the stock. Thanks again for the video and look forward to watching more. – Edgar

  5. Liked and subscribed. I have a small position in NIO and also expect a big pull back soon. I'm planning on holding it for the long term, and possibly add more after a 30% pullback.

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  7. During chaos of election votes, BITCOIN, that peach ?, is making its trip to the MOON!! ? All the technical analysts INSIST it will hit $20k before the end of 2020!! It has rallied to $15k today!! Research and invest or forever hold your peace!! ?#Bitcoin  IS ON FIRE!! ??

  8. I am new to this channel. Saw Li Auto in the title. Was hoping for more information than you gave. I hit the like and subscribe and hope you will look deeper into Li Auto. Thank you.

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