BYD, the Chinese automobile brand, launched their first car E6 in India in 2019. Upon receiving great response from fleet operators and private buyers, they are now all set to launch their second product – Atto 3. This has been finally revealed in India and the bookings are on now at Rs 50,000. Prices aren’t out yet, but we expect it to be launched over Rs 30 lacs. The claimed range is 521kms (ARAI-certified), but we expect it to offer a realistic range of around 400+.


47 thoughts on “BYD Atto 3 Electric – A Premium Chinese SUV Now in India | Range, Charging, Interior”

  1. one could go and buy or else could wait for mahindra etc to reveal higher battery pack version soon
    for either of decision no regret would there to consider

  2. Why are you reviewing a Chinese products when our soldiers are dying in the border. Better you boycott then otherwise we know how to run an Twitter boycott on your channel. Your call ?☠️?☠️?

  3. Funny Indian people ??? tata Nexon ev battery is made in china and now making fun of this car even Tesla is procuring byd ev battery since 2008 , maybe Indian don't have much knowledge about car universe ???

  4. कहने वाली बात ही नही लाजवाब गाड़ी है
    और बोहत अच्छे से आप ने इसके बारे में हमें बताया है
    Thnx ?

  5. कितनी भी अच्छी हो चाइनीज नहि लेनी
    तेरे पडोसी की ओलाद चाइनीज कंपनी के पैसे लेके मार्केटिंग कर रहे हैं
    भुल गए बोर्डर पर जवान शहीद हो गए थे
    हमारे जवान मर रहे हैं उसमें तेरे जैसे गद्दार का भी हाथ है जो चाईनीज वस्तु खरीद नो को बोल रहा है
    अभी भी समय है सुधर जाओ

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