BYD & Chinese EV brands are destroying legacy auto in China

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41 thoughts on “BYD & Chinese EV brands are destroying legacy auto in China”

  1. So you want people to invest in a company you bought a car from but they're not acknowledging you bought the car that you claim you paid for several weeks ago but they yet have no record of your purchase.
    Sounds to me like you're playing this scam artist who's going to pretend he got scammed too kick rocks dude I think you're an idiot beyond belief looking for those dumber than yourself good luck I'm sure there's lots of victims out there make your Chinese Communist friends rich.

  2. SAM .. I watch all your videos which are truthful and informative but I've noticed lately you are repeating a lot of content.. and tbh that makes it boring. I'm not complaining I'm just giving you a heads up of how I feel.. and maybe some of other subscribers.. I see the channel is doing very well though and I'm very happy for you… Keep it up.. and you are still the best channel on YouTube I have fun covering renewable energy and BEVs ?

  3. Why BYD even use a distributor at all after all the terrible stories you've told us as about them, they should at least sack the existing and find a better one ..but why do they need one at all ??

  4. Legacy auto mfrs only have themselves to blame. Chinese markets are very very competitive, not just for cars but everything. Chinese Govt did make a level playing field for all mfrs and legacy auto mfrs have the same access to information and govt rebates. In fact, legacy auto mfrs have an experience advantages over newcomers. If they failed in China, too bad.

  5. I must be lucky. Ordered the car end August , received email confirmation, sent emails ask questions had replies between 2-24 hrs, October received another informative email. Nov 7 contract, confirmation email and with 6 days a delivery date. If all goes well less then 5 months, other brands upto 12-18months. Ps the car is seriously good ( my test drive) I’ve sold Chinese cars, they were horrible, in fact I would steer ‘nice’ customer’s away and sell a Toyota !!! The BYD, drives differently to petrol cars, but I’m old and don’t car, just want comfort and safety, and I feel BYD has achieved that, for me, of to the stockbrokers!!!???????? have a nice day and thanks for sharing good videos????????

  6. Thanks for making so many videos, I enjoy them. Your reasoning of 50% financial ownership should equate to 50% of sales numbers is one logical way to look at it. But I see it another way. These lists are about brands. I think they should count the actual number of cars with the company logo on the hood. If it has a VW logo on it , it counts for VW. If it has a SAIC logo on it, it counts for SAIC.

  7. Tesla VS BYD Daily Intelligence

    November 13, 2022 (Sunday),North America time

    1. Recently, a data company has counted the profit of a single car based on the financial reports of major automobile companies. The most, while Neo’s single car lost 15,000 US dollars, which also set the world’s largest single car loss. 2 my youtu..

  8. I’ve had an Atto3 for a couple of weeks now, in NZ, and am very impressed, more so than i was expecting. It was a head over heart decision, careful, rational, result of a thorough cost/value analysis, and that hasn’t disappointed, but am surprised by how much i like it for the other more emotional reasons too. Is both better looking and more user friendly than i was expecting. So now my view is BYD, probably along MG, both offer the best deal going, but also really good products. With these EVs Chinese OEMs are going to do to Japanese/Euro/US legacy auto what the Japanese did from the 1970s with good value compacts. You are certainly being proven right, Viking.

  9. Look its good to see sales increases for BEV however with 100 million carts old worldwide each year. BEV need to sell 25 million to equal only 50% of all sales. Based on current sales that's near a 2,500% increase needed just to have 1 in 2 cars as BEV. Hence in my belief another 20 yrs minimum for BEV to show up on roads in large numbers.

  10. Is just the beginning…my problem is how we will have money to buy them when no jobs and industry will be in the West at the end of this decade and in the future?

  11. I´d say as long as the design and all the IP belongs to the legacy OEM and the Chinesse partner is just manufacturing, it´s the OEMs sales. Otherwise that would be like saying Foxconn is selling iPhones. No, Apple is selling iPhones.

  12. Have the BYD Oz distributor reversed their warranty/service rip orf??? If not I will not be buying one of BYD products – just trying the rip orf puts me orf anyway!!!

  13. BYD looks to good to be true.
    Wonder when quality issues arise outside China!
    They hook up with traditional ICE guys thus the maintenance advantage is gone and warranty could be very unfriendly for customers as well.
    Their super fast growth will show quality is not number 1 objective.

  14. Volkswagen cars are that. Volkswagen cars and so get counted as such regardless of who put them together. It's badge counting sort of thing. An Apple telephone is that and is put together by Foxconn outfit (Maybe) somewhere and Apple phone people call (and count) their phones Apple phones. Just saying. Subjective and interesting Sam thanks.

  15. BTw – I dot out of Tesla when it dropped to 177 it had been 1250 pre split it is now under half; so had you shorted you'd have doubled your money. Elon has said there will be a recession , he's cut the price has been cut on car price to help mitigate sales but this won't be good for profits. Wait till at least Feb; we'll see how you do with your purchases.195 US today

  16. When you know a recession is coming; putting money in a stock is likely to lose you money so why would you do that? If anything you should showt the stock. I had some idiot tell me on your channel that I was not an investor since he lost 20% while I made 20% shorting. If you like Tesla wait until its at bottom and the economy is going to recover. then you can more shares with the same money. If you want fewer shares for your money; then buy now.

  17. From Israel: I am, already, driving my Atto 3 for about 11 days.
    All good except these two main issues (very important to me)
    1. I cannot connect, yet, to BYD app.
    2. No navigation capabilities on the big screen (have to use my phone), we should get OTA upgrade at the beginning of 2023…

  18. Isn't Nio or Xpeng also popular in Asia? I'm sure between them, they will sink a few legacy brands.

    As they say out with the old and in with the new.

  19. 5:00 For what I can tell, it seems that only Tesla (100%) and BWM(75%, joined with Brilliance Auto) have more than half hold shares since China abandoned the 50/50 joined venture rule in 2018. I guess the reason why BMW got more holds was that Brilliance Auto was a weak partner.
    For example, Mercedes want to raise shareholdings of Beijing-Benz company which joined with BAIC and produced more than 600k Mercedes brand autos per year in China, but they failed, coz BAIC is not a weak company, it's the biggest stockholder of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

  20. First, don't give investment advice. You said it yourself, you're not an approved investment adviser.
    Now, I agree that BYD look like it's capable of becoming a leading car manufacturing company, as for the position, it's only a guess. The most relevant information would be how many cars they will build and what will be the profit per cars if any. Also, what will be the overall car market in ten years. Do you expect the market to be bigger or smaller.
    For my part, I would expect it to be smaller. The main reason is the introduction of autonomous cars. This factor alone will make car ownership less desirable for people living in cities. Car sharing will become the norm rather then the exception.

  21. It's always odd to pretend that Japan, the USA and others are equal to China when China has as many inhabitants as the entire African continent. Also: China did bit murder 30 million civilians as Japan did with the Chinese…and China doesn't meddle in other countries as the US did and does with over 90 countries…not to mention the massive genocides the USA committed…and those meddlings that lead to situations like in Guatemala. China's economy will erase US, Japanese and Western European car manufacturers simply because they cannot compete. Not China's problem that they aren't competitive enough…or do we whine if C-teams don't make it to the soccer World Cup? No. We watch how the best stay until the very best wins the competition.

  22. You said in the first 10sec of this video that BYD stock price went down but the visual from Yahoo finance showed a 4.83% gain.

    Are you making these videos yourself or is someone else stiching them for you?

  23. I am not anti chinese. Just have a problem with the CCP and PLA.
    I would think hard about spending money on a Chinese car. Sanctions maybe on the way.

    I have a problem with saying BYD is not responsible for the people selling it's cars.
    This sets up the possibility of massive finger pointing.
    As I learned with health insurance having 2 overlapping policies is the same as having none. Regardless of which was selected as primary neither would pay pointing the finger at the other.
    Good chance it is going to work the same way with the car when it comes to warranty.
    Was it BYD where the seller is/was going to require $7K for scheduled maintenance?

    The choice is yours but factor this into the decision.

  24. Goodbye to 40% of VWs profits, plus getting squeezed in their home market by Tesla (and BYD etc, through 2023 and 2024) and ruinous energy costs. Bye Bye VW, hello German govt rescue. BYD underpromises on its future production projections, by end of this year its annual run rate will already be at least 3 million. Will be well above 4 million next year, then it really starts to push exports as the Chinese market starts to become saturated (35% EV share this December, 60% next December, 85% the following December?).

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