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If you want to buy a Chinese car and don’t know much about Chinese cars, then this video is for you to watch. Twenty years ago, China exported only 20,000 complete vehicles. Twenty years later, this figure has exceeded 2 million. China’s annual export volume of automobiles has approached the world’s first. At present, the overall situation of China’s auto exports has completely changed. And I believe both fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles in the future will perform better overseas. In recent years, the great changes of Chinese domestic brand cars are obvious to all. Geely, Chery, Changan and other senior brands not only have family-style designs, but also have their own unique technologies in many aspects. OK, let’s get started!


5 thoughts on “BYD? Geely? XPENG? The best Chinese car to buy in each price range”

  1. ?? Cars and also many other products are very good values for money! With 5G technology, ?? manufacture more quality produces!

  2. "The best way to choose a Chinese car is choose a Japanese car instead." — Thai people
    "The best Chinese car is MIC Tesla." — a Thai EV fan

  3. An improvement over the last video, but you got to stop showing videos of a BMW factory when talking about Chinese cars. You can improve your viewership by using more relevant videos.

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