Merry Xmas Everyone!

I’m back in Xishuangbanna and lucky enough for us, there is a car show downtown at the moment. I went two days ago and they only had a couple EVs, the rest were all ICE…They told me to come back today to see the EVs so that’s what I did. I got to drive a couple of cars, including the BYD Han, around a public square (in a tiny circle)…I didn’t get to hit the road unfortunately.

With regards to the BYD Han… first impressions were really good. The interior was honestly pretty ugly but again that’s subjective, however the design and material all seemed like pretty high quality.

Driving in a tiny circle didn’t give much of a feel for the car, but I did put the pedal to the floor a couple times… acceleration was great, it pushed me back in the seat and made the salesmen turn into Borat for a sec, very nice!. I’m gonna try and head to the dealer in a few days and do a proper test drive… let me know if you have anything you think I should ask when I get there!

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43 thoughts on “BYD Han DUMB Test Drive + Goofy Chinese EVs in Rural China Auto Show”

  1. Nice video, China is by far the best place on earth to live in and BYD makes the best EVs. China has the biggest lead in EVs and EV battery tech no one else can even come close.

  2. If BYD Han comes to the USA with $35-41k, then you can kiss the competition goodbye. It's amazing BYD han comes with so many options with that price range.

  3. Any more information about the lovely Kunming? This little truck does not even appear in their web site. I guess there are some more unknown electric car local manufacturers.

  4. Its best EV car in China(perhaps out of Tesla). But I don't think its the best EV car in China. At least Xpeng can be a challenger one.

  5. Hey there!

    Can you briefly explain how do the green NEV plates differ from the regular ICE ones? Do they provide anything else that a few lanes here and there and maybe a parking spot? Do they cost less that the traditional ones?

  6. cool vids 🙂 . This is my take after living in China for 15 years .
    Nio is over priced and riding the EV hype created by Tesla . Average Chinese person with the $$ to buy a NIO will buy a import or Import made in China by a sister company ( conventional car / hybrid usually German made ) or a Tesla if EV minded at around 100k rmb cheaper than NIO
    BYD is doing well due to a few factors one being car sales are up , they also produce EV batteries , have for now some future contracts with CHN GOV for EV buses and lastly they went into mass face mask production due to covid ( great sales for the past year )

    Geely is the nmb 1 sales for Chinese cars ( not EV )

    and the big factor is VW ( VW sell 1/5 cars in CHN ) is in partnership with CHN have produced a CHN only EV model and they are going to produce another 30 models by 2025 , so big competition there for Chinese EV companies, and that is not taking into account BMW, Porsche and Mercedes for luxury once they go full EV.
    Just my take on things , not saying buy / invest or don't buy/ invest in any of the above .

  7. Well in January 2020, i read from the internet… BYD interest come to Indonesia but there's still no update news after that… Yes Indonesia Taxi already have. BYD EV taxi unit…

  8. I am always surprised nobody talks about BYD, the HAN looks pretty great. I heard that Chinese people have a poor perception of BYD cars as being for poor people, since taxis are BYD. Do you agree that people have this perception? Do you see BYD changing that?

  9. i know you are not doing car review. Can you give the impression of quality of BYD vs NIO vs XPENG? Why do you think NIO gets such publicity compared to BYD? What is the market share of BYD in china compared to NIO? Is it true that BYD owns battery technology/plants

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