China-based products are now being exported widely across the world. One that it is recently trying to crack is the automotive industry of the Philippines.

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22 thoughts on “Can China Cars Win the Philippines?”

  1. Filipino's should support south east asian car brands like VinFast EV from Vietnam which is being exported to US, Canada, Europe and Asia soon over low quality Chinese cars.

  2. The sad takeaway from all of this is that the Philippines has sadly become a market instead of a player of globalization, since none of these Chinese cars are assembled locally. If it were the Philippines could have been a hub for Chinese car manufacturing in ASEAN.

  3. Chinese car brands specially the EV's lately have so far been making a big splash in the world's automotive industry. Chinese innovations is being manifested with all their car brands equipped with the latest and advance technologies. In this regard, China can win business deals in the Philippines, whether on cars, electronics and more.

  4. They Already Win Long Time Ago
    Many Western Brand Now Own By China Company As Bigger Share Holder That Why China Brand Car Getting Much Better For Example Geely Car Use Technology From Volvo

  5. Chinese car brands are also among competitive in international markets since China is becoming a largest manufacturing country in the world but it will depend on each consumers which brand and its qualities is more preferable…

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