4:04 Customer Support
6:31 Look and Feel of the Dashboard
7:29 Boot-up Time
8:17 Screen Responsiveness
8:46 Apple Carplay & Android Auto
9:25 Sound Quality
12:55 Customisable Background
13:18 Steering Wheel Controls
13:48 Quality of Phone Calls
14:35 Reverse Cam
14:46 Buttons
15:19 Audio Output Connections

In this video, I explain how to identify quality Android car radios.
I do a basic comparison with a couple of quality Android units against a Kenwood head unit with Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Quick elaboration of the term “Open Source” as I wasn’t clear in this video. Open-Source refers to software code that has been made available for free so that other developers can further develop and make use of it. In this case, Google made Android an open-source platform and this enabled many manufacturers to use Android as a base operating system for free, essentially maximizing their own profits. This is what lead Android to become the most used mobile operating system in the world.

The term Open-Source does not have any relevance to the ability to install apps ect, that is just the benefit of having an operating system with that functionality.

Radios used in the video –
Kenwood DMX7017DABS – https://ebay.us/PxtsFB
Joying 10.1 inch Single Din with 4gb RAM
Xtrons 7inch Double Din with 2gb RAM

Recommended Android Radios which include Apple Carplay and Android Auto:

£153 Xtrons 7 inch Double Din – 2gb RAM – https://ebay.us/gFPejY
£270 Joying 7 inch Double Din -4gb RAM and 4G data – https://ebay.us/g0QviV
£300 Joying 8 inch Single Din – 4gb RAM – https://ebay.us/kacfjp


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