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A British shorthair in southwestern China’s Chongqing has become a popular model at automobile shows. The two-year-old cat can stay still on a vehicle, interact with visitors and pull off different clothing styles. Maomao earns between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan (US$780-1,560) per show.

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44 thoughts on “Cat car model takes Chinese automobile shows by storm”

  1. Strange, even the royal family in my country, if they defend cats or animals other than cats, they never wear clothes like this. The attire worn by this cat can defeat the cat defended by the real royal family

  2. This gesture is very much appreciated as a marketing gimmick & as long as the animal appreciates it. The only thing I am concerned is Maomao's make-up. Grooming him without make-up will be a great thing as all those cosmetics can really harm him.

  3. It might just be me but I feel like this is kind of unfair to the cat. People don't realize that animals aren't trying to make money, they just want to live natural lives with food, shelter and community. I don't think any animal wants to sit still like that for hours, especially with cameras shoved in their face. Not to mention the hours of interaction with its own species it's missing out on. Just hearing that he "plans to teach his followers how to turn their own pets into car models" makes me cringe. Again, this is just my opinion but the humanization of pets, aka anthropomorphism, is definitely on the rise.

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