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21 thoughts on “Changan Uni-k 2022 | Is This The Best Chinese Car in The Market?”

  1. Good Car but the price is too high. It's not competitive with established manufacturers. However I do see a fair number of these around so they do seem to sell well.

  2. The layout of the speedometer above the steering wheel, as well as the layout of the infotainment screen, all resemble Peugeot's I-cockpit don't you think?
    Otherwise everything about this car is sumptuous. Changan was the partner of DS automobiles a decade ago in China. The student has overtaken PSA group (now Stellantis). The Europeans have nothing more to teach to the Chinese brands. Here in Europe, MG (SAIC) is developing exponentially and is competing with leading brands such as VW, Renault and Peugeot with an average of 12,000 euros less.
    We are on the verge of a market reversal. Just like in the world of mobile phones at the end of the 2010's.
    Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel, Erickson, Sagem… All European, all replaced by Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo ten years later.

  3. Name one car with the same options that is not Chinese, this is hands down the best thing you can get with this money in terms of quality and options

  4. I hope Chinese car company's listening to customers complaining about dealerships After-sales services problems it's bad Reputation of Chinese Products

  5. I really really like the design of the car! Honestly, if this wouldn’t be a chinese car, i would want to buy it.
    But hey, usually the price still is a good sales point.
    …. No wait a minute! 180.000 AED?
    For a Chinese car?
    Mazdas for example are even cheaper than that!
    And to continue with numbers.
    12.5 liters for 100 km is horrendous. I was expecting definitely below 10!
    Not to mention the power of the car… well 230hp should be enough, but wow. More than 11 seconds for a 0-100? Ridiculous!
    And it has 4 exhaust pipes, at least it looks like a bit of performance, what it clearly lacks in reality though.
    When i first sae the car on the street, i had very high expectations, interior looks stunning, but all the numbers are simply bad.

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