When it comes to cars, Chinese companies have been silently stealing designs of every expensive car you have wanted to lay your hands on. Here’s a list

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43 thoughts on “Change the Logo and Voila! A new car is ready, presenting Chinese copies of world-class cars”

  1. If the only cars in the world came from China I would buy a horse. They can't/don't buy anything of quality and safety and they have no idea's of their own. Nothing from this country is any good including the leaders and most citizens.

  2. I thought the Chinese were suppose to be very bright! How do you copy something and not even make it better! How is it every other country would be sued for this but not China! Get the lawyers lined up!

  3. Who doesn't know about Chinese copy culture and industry. Yes there's an entire industry of Copying. If they copy the Analogs of Russian Panthesere Air defense battery, then copying a car is nothing for them.

  4. We’ve known for years that China are the number one duplicators of this world!
    Why do you think, where ever they go all over the world, they are taking photos of everything? lol
    Love your work ✌?❤️

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  6. If they can’t even figure out how to make a good version of a shit car, then we can also expect their fake F-35s to be absolute dog shit as well. ?

  7. TFI you forget to mention Indian Bajaj pulsar series of bikes which china copied. They are exact copies except the engine.
    Search Chinese copy of Pulser RS 200

  8. No imagination and no technical know how everything they make has been taught to them or they have copied from someone. Lets see how far they get over the coming decades when no one is dealing with them.

  9. No-one wants to be seen dead in a Chinese car these days – most likely a cheap copy stolen from someone else's design and associated with the communist brush. However that being said if China becomes a democracy and allows space for innovative original designs then (and only then) will I be very happy to buy a Chinese car.

  10. Why did global people make the famous word "the Chinese copy"? Lots of China's cheapest fake products have been spread out here and there in the world you know. Many Chinese people have had the master level's manufacturing skills to make fake versions, so Made in China does not get a positive image from the world. Therefore, it's not a piece of weird news.

  11. Strange, how focused China is on stealing the ideas of others – as if they have no creativity in their own land. They don't even try to compete by creating anything new, it seems, preferring to steal from others. That seems strange to me – not to mention sad.

    Perhaps living under communism, under the CCP, scares (or punishes or steals) the creativity out of their people? CCP dishonesty & deep corruption is rampant. All countries should consider breaking ties with them. Their absence of ethics, morality, & simple integrity is on display. NOT the Chinese people, mind you; the CCP.

  12. They say that a Chinese copy car is cheep under powered and wont last as long as the original… Then comes the Mini Cooper….. You can NOT make a cheaper version or less reliable then that original. In short i would rather have the chinese version of the mini along with every person that knows about or sadly wasted money on

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