Today, we are here with the test drive review of the newly launched Chery Tiggo 8 Pro. The car comes with a 1.6L engine that produces 195Hp and 290Nm of Torque. We will drive the car and share our overall experience.
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44 thoughts on “Chery Tiggo 8 Pro | Test Drive Review | PakWheels”

  1. For God’s sake Please someone tell Chery’s managers to stop using that stupid DTC gearbox.
    I had this car for 3 month and i sold it after driving for 13000km.

    Great looking
    Fully comfortable options
    Fast and smooth driving
    Powerful engine

    Not 4wd
    I don’t like the dct, makes me tired in city driving.
    Not great suspension, too much shaking.
    Also the seats are big, which you feel tightness in car for driver with over 95kg.

  2. Worst dealership in Islamabad, please dont buy from islmbd chery dealers your money will b stuck for 11 to 12 months still they are playing with excuses that L C are closed, manufacturers hv shortage of parts

  3. Wow. We recently bought the new Kia Sorento 3.5 V6 7 seater 2022.
    Although the KIA is a nice SuV, it does not have alot of the features this Cherry Tigo 8 has!
    For instance, KIA does NOT have the following:
    Remote vehicle start (yes! Cherry has this, but Pak Wheels forgot to mention it)
    Cruise control
    Front camera
    Welcoming Seat
    360 cameras
    Wireless phone charging
    Refrigerated storage
    Turbo engine
    Fat sports steering wheel
    Neon lighting dash and doors
    Touch screen AC control
    Adjustable head rest sides
    Modern Gearbox (forward/back flick as opposed to old style click)

  4. While I appreciate the kind of competition these Chinese variants are offering .. I just can't get over the graphics and colours used in the main display. They make look cool in a video game but appear rather childish when used in a car.

  5. Price be stated. Would sales pick up in the trying financial circumstances faced by Awam, afoot are news of whooping devaluation; increase of petrol to 300 and the dramatic increase of registration fees and advance
    Income tax. Sales look doubtful,

  6. میں نے بٹھایا ہے
    یہ انڈیا ہے میرے حوالے کرو
    یہ سونیا گاندھی کو کر رہا ہوں

    فوجی جنرل ضیاالحق چاند پر گئے تھے تجھے انڈیا حوالے کیا تھا
    تو اب واپس کر
    سمجھ گیا ناں وہ سکھ بھی تھے تو بھے تھا

    منیجر: من
    میجر جنرل : جن

    من جن : انجن ڈیزل پمپ بتاؤ کیسے
    O 60

    Coh 49o5

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