China’s auto sales in July climbed 16.4% from a year earlier, the fourth consecutive month of gains as the world’s biggest vehicle market comes off lows hit during the country’s lockdown.


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4 thoughts on “China auto sales surge in July”

  1. China is the Grand Central for fake news. The authoritarian government goes to great lengths to conceal the truth. Please always keep this in mind in order to avoid falling victim to the propaganda of this shameless regime. Reuters does not appear to be credible. What is behind the change?

  2. America’s economy is floundering because unlike the leaders of other nations, who responded quickly and effectively to reports of the virus’ outbreak and as a result achieved significant reductions in the number of new cases and deaths, Trump was dismissive about the reports. His incompetence and neglect subsequently resulted in a response that was far too slow and was at best chaotic, and has led to the tragic loss of over 163,000 American lives (still growing at an alarming rate) and trillions in American treasure. To make matters worse, Trump has contradicted the nation’s leading medical experts and led the politicization of social distancing and wearing masks!

    Unfortunate but predictably, Trump continues with his typical bluster, lies, denials, deflecting, blaming, scapegoating, obstruction, bullying, insults, and obfuscation. All the while, like some kind of mob boss he sends his attack dog lackeys out to flood the media with the same bull. Trump is so self centered that he has failed to keep America safe. Really sad.

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