China car radio : or TUVVA KSD7843b Are those cheap car radios worth it ? i think definitly yes !
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Amazon review: This is the first car stereo i have bought and i did a lot of looking. Similar products on the market are 5x the price but the Tuvva has all the same features. Basically it looks great, it sounds great and it works great i cant find a fault with it.
Also id like to add that you can bypass the parking break sensor so you can use the dvd screan while in motion but i wouldn’t advise it. All you have to do is attach the earth wire to the chasis, first stereo i have bought and i managed it fine.


45 thoughts on “China Car Stereo – Are Chinese Head Units worth it ?”

  1. you hide the number, but you showed your fingers punched the number. I think someone report you to your mom soon , because u spend the school fees for bought it. 0129563.. ?

  2. Favorite: Joying 7 or 10 inch! That is the best option I have found so far after browsing through hundreds of products. But lacks of flip or retracting. But is the best quality and has android 8.1 or higher. Its actually not possible to find a favorite one. They all lack of something. If sony or pioneer would just get them self "together" and make that single din flip radio/navigation multimedia radio. I guess they would make a great business cause the marked really lacks of a good quality flip screen multimedia car sound system.

  3. There is no difference between the ones (caliber) from your local electronic store and that one Tuvva you have 😀 If it still works after 2 month you are just lucky 😀

  4. Rear cameras are great when you have 24/7 recording (not installed in parking mode) to catch the assess who watch videos while driving and slam into your ass end.

  5. Hallo hätt eine frage was kann sein das sich mein display von einen android radio immer sich Kopf über sich dreht was kann da falsch sein ?? Kanst du mir da helfen

  6. which one of these units has the best DAC for best sound from USB or BT, or Card? Playing hi quality recordings at high volume with good speakers and amplifiers for good sound quality require good DAC and circuitry . What do you think for HQ sound?

  7. Horses for courses.. I used a £13 multimedia head unit and a pair of cheap pioneer speakers in a caravan as it is just occasional use. For what it is it sounds absolutely fine, no complaints at all.

  8. Great VDO and very informative, question tough, was there any problems with Austria customs? I want to get one for my Panda but was worked about customs here (+43)

  9. Never cut or solder on your car cables.
    Always buy an adapter and solder on that adapter. They don't cost much and will save you a lot of trouble 😉 (I also learned the hard way…)

  10. Is watching a DVD whilst driving recommended? I would have thought that was an astonishingly bad idea. If you get caught here in the UK you would definitely go to court and probably end up sweeping the streets doing community service!

    … But would be cool though 🙂

  11. imo just buy a quality 1din, like pioneer and then just buy a ipad/samsung tab and connect that to the pioneer headunit sound system and integrate the tablet into the center console and you have a sick setup.

  12. I had a double-din Chinese headunit back in 2006 or so, and the screen/GUI was virtually the same as that thing, just slightly a little lower resolution. What a total piece of shit that product was.

    The GUI is clearly designed with a CRT television in mind, which is why it's so hideous and the icons/text look like they belong on an old Sega gaming console. FYI the Chinese have been using that same GUI ever since they started making LCD headunits, which is a LONG time. Sound quality was average at best and the touch controls are terrible to use on the road.

    For anyone wondering "is a Chinese headunit worth it, since this guy rates his one", the answer is "No". Chinese headunits are fucked and this guy has low standards. If you hate yourself, go ahead and buy one of these headunits. As the saying goes, the poor man pays twice. If I had to choose between a free $5 audio cable to plug my phone directly into the amp, or a free $200 Chinese headunit, I would take the $5 cable every time.

    If you're looking to spend spend $200 on car audio, spend $195 on a nice new/used Class AB 4-channel amp and some 4/8g cable (JL Audio make great products, and Alpine amps from the late 90s are awesome), then spend the remaining $5 on a 3.5mm > double-RCA 5 meter cable. Hook it up to your phone and enjoy. Everything about that solution is better value than the headunit in this video, and less frustrating.

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