China Cars And The Reliability Question [Car Talk]

It’s been 4 years since Chinese car brands has entered the Philippines, bringing with them a bunch of desirable and value for money offerings. In this Car talk podcast, we ask @SoJooCars if these Chinese car brands have already proven themselves to be reliable after four years. We have Geely, MG, Maxus, Chery, GAC and other Chinese car makers that made their way into the Philippines, and it has been 4 years now. So far, we don’t see any Chinese car that ahs stalled on the road, so it may be safe to declare that these Chinese carmakers are already giving reliable cars. The Chinese car brands also give longer than usual warranties, like Chery Auto who gives a 10 year warranty on the engine. The other Chinese carmakers like Geely start at 5 years warranty. Then there is the concern on parts. China is the world’s biggest manufacturer of car parts, so it is quite ironic that people see these China Car brands as short in parts supply.

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28 thoughts on “China Cars And The Reliability Question [Car Talk]”

  1. Chery Auto owner here. Real value for money! 10 years or 1,000,000 kms warranty. 5 Years FREE PMS, 3 Years Free Roadside assistance!!! Worry-Free ownership and superb driving experience!

  2. With the demand for EV/ hybrid cars increasing more Chinese cars will be coming to our shores. For the past 4 yrs in the Philippine market Chinese automakers have proven they can provide quality cars, examples are zs t, cool ray, tiggo and etc. Reliability and parts availability will be the biggest hurdle they need to overcome, in due time I believe this will improve. This is good news for Filipino consumers in the long run. Great Collab Reygan and Joo. Dude pare. Let's do this ???

  3. Di ba magkakaroon ng problema ang pagpasok ng pyesa ng mga chinese cars dito sa pinas once na tumaas na naman ang tensyon sa pagitan ng pilipinas at china? Malaking problema yan ng mga chinese car owners pag nag kataon. Pero sa lahat ng chinese cars chery ang pinaka gusto ko.

  4. The truth is, Apple products are made in China, as are DJI drones, and both are considered quality products with class leading tech. The only issue will be if the PRC goes to war over Taiwan, which will lead to embargoes on Chinese products, and World Wide shortage of parts and tech for lots of products, not just Chinese ones, since so many products feature tech and parts from China. Also, most Chinese car makers have partnerships with Western or European car manufacturers and they have learned a lot from that.

  5. I've given up waiting for the 2023 Ford Everest 4×4. Made a reservation in Sep last year, placed my bank PO in October and so many months later, still no available unit. This is because of the priority the dealerships give to in house financing. Some will make a unit available for you as long as you are willing to shell out more dough. Even saw a post from one dealership about an impending price increase in March? Wow, talaga lang ha?

    So after seeing Mr. Joo had so much fun driving the Tiggo 2.0T AWD (which he claimed can keep up wt a Porsche?), and after lot of research online, I took the plunge and placed an order. Its not easy to discount the 254hp/390Nm of torque in a 1.7 ton vehicle at a price below 2M. Will it last long just like my Civic SiR? Only time will tell. At least the warranty on offer can't be beat, not to mention the features the car has.

  6. Masyadong gigil yung mga chinese car hater, de wag kayong bumili problema ba yun. Competition is always good for consumers so I don't see the point on the hate lmao.

  7. On the bright side, if not for the competition, japanese car brands with lack luster features would have monopolized and sky rocketed their prices. Thus, leaving consumers with fewer options.

  8. Since I got my coolray sport 2021, I made a promised to myself that I will not go back to the traditional overpriced brands anymore.

  9. I think if hindi dumating ung mga chinese cars hindi mag step up ang mga japanese cars in technology parts. grabe delay na delay ang tech ng japanese cars sa ph compare sa us or europe di ko alam bakit hinuhuli thats why daming naattract sa tech at price ng Chinese cars. sana dumami ang parts pra di mahirapan ang mga owners sa mga repairs.

  10. It is no longer a question of quality but after sales service and parts. I have read owner stories about Geely vehicles in which couldn't be used for months just because of a relay that isn't available. A relay. Another one was for a Changan CS35. A hose of some sort. Not available for months. China may produce anything you can think of but is it readily available HERE? Are the companies handling these brands ready to import the part that you need as swift as Toyota, Mitsubishi or Honda does? I am not saying this to create hate but the way you deliver it in this video is just a bit condescending as if consumer opinion and caution is invalid and a laughing matter. It is ironic and you are right about that. It is not about your opinion but the way you deliver it guys. I have been pondering on the GAC GS4 as my next vehicle as it is clearly an awesome one but the caution remains the same.

  11. I don't know about cars getting cheaper because of Chinese cars. It seems "ALL" the cars are raising prices regardless of Chinese competition. Even Chinese cars are matching the expensive prices of known brands. That said, it is nice to have more options.

  12. Chinese reliability isn't the issue. The concern is: "Do they have the guts to stay in the Philippines for the next 20, 30, 40, 60 years and provide service to the Filipino people even for end of life vehicles"?

    Toyota had been with us for a very long time, so as other Japanese and Korean brands. A 200km or 300km Vios is an easy fix for godsake! Meanwhile I kept seeing Chinese dealerships pop open, then after a few years their dealerships are abandoned. Doesn't really spell a vote of confidence for these Chinese brands.

  13. 6:53 I don't get why people are so bothered by Chinese cars not having spare parts. We all know China makes almost everything under the sun right? I mean, you can even find spare parts for a "Siemens C25" from China and that is not even a well known brand of old phone. The issue here is not Chinese cars having spare parts but how the Chinese car franchisees in the Philippines would stock those parts. For people to know:
    – HARI/CMPI for Changan
    – SGAP for Geely
    – UAAGI for Chery & Foton
    – AC Motors for Maxus
    – TCCCI for MG
    – TAC for JAC
    – Astara Philippines for GAC
    – Bayan Auto for BAIC
    – Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp for BYD

  14. The Geely Coolray opened up the minds of many Filipinos on at least giving Chinese cars a chance, and you see it, tons of Chinese cars are on the road and you've got Chinese brands flooding over to the PH market. Now as far as reliability? Well really depends on who you ask. Pinoys in general will probably need 10 years for them to be convinced (and that their right, they should keep their standars high). And naturally, those who simply do not want a Chinese car will make all the claims that this and that, and it's a fruitless effort to change their minds. I got my coolray about 14 months ago and I still am waiting for the day that Geely and other chinese brands get the respect they deserve. So are chinese reliable? Yes, the huge chinese car market says that, so does your Iphone and every gadget you've probably owned. Is it as good as Japan? No. At least not yet. The bottom line is, just like what I said on my CS-35 review, chinese brands are changing the landscape of the PH car market (be it good or bad) and they are here to stay.

    So my suggestion? Keep an open mind, if its just time that changes your mind towards chinese brands, no problem, that's an easy ask. If your own the fence, ask other people, do your research. And if you already bought a chinese car, I'll be seeing you in 5 years and lets talk.

    That'll be either on the coffee shop with your CN car park outside still working well, or we'll be in the shop scratching our heads. My thinking is I'll enjoy that coffee.

  15. Thank you sir joo & sir reygan for trying to break the stigma. This is one of the reason kung bakit hesistant ako kumuha ng chinese car. Umay na sa mga toxic na noypi na paulit ulit na minamaliit yung chinese cars. I own fortuner, honda jazz, mirage and isuzu i-van pero pumunta ako kahapon sa changan para mkita yung CS55. Sobrang naimpressed ako sa build quality ,walang sinabi mga sasakyan ko in terms of premium feels. Planning to get 1 cs55 btw. Sa actual napaka ganda non nung nakita ko .

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