This is big news for the Chinese Auto Electric vehicle industry especially for Tesla, BYD, XPENG and NIO share holders , SAIC / Roewe have entered the Chinese electric vehicle space with there “R ” brand dedicated electric vehicle series to cater for the mid luxury market, SAIC is a State owned company ( Chinese Government company ) so will be a force to be reckoned with .
Also taking a quick look at the latest BMW and VW Chinese electric vehicle models .The European car makers are just starting to seriously enter the Chinese electric vehicle market and will be a force to be reckoned with heading into the future. As they already hold a market leading reputation for quality and build for the more wealthy person whom prefers top end prices for the “Face value ”

SAIC is China’s 2nd largest car company and 12 largest in the world . The owner of MG / Rover , ROEWE and in partnership with many companies such as VW and WULING and more.

In general I like Xpeng , NIO and BYD and think their cars are of a very high standard , they have had a head start on the European manufacturers so now the race for market domination is heating up .
( Disclaimer I hold shares in some of the Chinese companies mentioned so hope they can contend )


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