While Elon Musk’s Tesla has been making waves in the global auto industry, China has
also become the center of action in the EV space! One company in China has recorded
a breakthrough in battery technology so huge that even Musk is impressed! Which
Chinese company has recorded this feat? What does the revolutionary battery offer?
Join us as we dive into how China just shocked the entire EV industry with a new


19 thoughts on “China JUST REVEALED Battery Breakthrough That Charges Faster Than Gasoline!”

  1. Chinese tech you can't trust no matter how ground breaking it is
    If you use it next thing you know the Chinese govt has your ancestry line going back hundreds of years ?

  2. Electric cars only make sense if the manufacturing of them doesn't require so many resources that destroy the environment in the process. I wouldn't clean my room by just setting everything in it on fire and then call it the answer.

  3. Can we not temporarily have a portable hand charger that you can spen like an old fashioned hand crank that can Boost energy to a second battery pack as it's driving? Perhaps even magnetically cranking it as it drives?

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