In recent years, to facilitate the travel of people from all over the world, China has built undersea tunnels in some areas, so that people can directly drive or take trains to reach their destinations through the seabed. For example, the famous Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge adopts the design of bridges and undersea tunnels. Many Western netizens are puzzled, thinking that the sea is full of water, but China can build tunnels under the sea, aren’t they afraid of being submerged? How did China build the undersea tunnel? To solve this problem, China has also made a lot of efforts. The wisdom behind it makes foreigners sigh and cannot understand. The immersed tunnel is a prefabricated tunnel section, with temporary water stop heads at both ends of each section, and then floated to the tunnel. At the axis, it is sunk in the pre-dug trench, the underwater connection between the pipe sections is completed, the temporary water stop head is removed, the foundation trench is backfilled to protect the immersed pipe, and the internal facilities of the tunnel are laid to form a complete underwater passage.
China is the buzzword as the American President celebrates 50 years of Amtrak service, China’s infrastructure strength gives him goosebumps…
Watch this review of China building the world’s longest undersea high-speed rail tunnel, and tell us what you think. Enjoy!


25 thoughts on “China Leave American President Shocked, Builds The Longest Undersea Tunnel In The World”

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  2. Americans are no different than Chinese in term of mentality. They have limited capability to expand themselves mentally and therefore, creates their own sets of rules and regulations which fits their mindset when it comes to investments which they expect others to follow.

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