In the past ten years, China has become a powerful country in the world of new energy vehicles under the promotion of policies.

With the continuous advancement of new energy vehicle technology, the scale of China’s automotive chip market has also achieved rapid growth.

Whether it is in the field of main control chips, automotive MCUs, or sensors, relevant manufacturers seem to be particularly favored by capital.

China’s high computing power chips are constantly being added by foreign capital.

Regarding the large computing power car chips, the most popular recently is the PK between NVIDIA and Qualcomm.

On September 20, NVIDIA launched Thor, a smart car chip that replaced Atlan, and Qualcomm launched the industry’s first integrated supercomputer-level automotive SoC, Snapdragon Ride Flex, on September 23.

From a numerical point of view, the computing power of the two chip giants’ automotive chips has soared to 2,000TOPS.

While chip manufacturers are madly competing for computing power, the capital heat wave has surrounded China’s high computing power automotive chip companies.

According to incomplete statistics, in China, 6 major automotive chip manufacturers including Cambrian Xingge and Black Sesame Intelligence have completed 10 rounds of financing since the beginning of this year.

It should be noted that these 6 companies have completed a total of 22 rounds of financing since last year.”China Focus” is a YouTube channel created to provide current events and pop culture headlines from China.Here you can get to know a more real China through my video. |
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  1. Cool deal ,,,seeing autos over there are not allowed to have high miles ,,,I heard how many miles have they allowed for EVs,,,,,,,I heard in New York some one had 300 miles on a EV,,,,,and they can't be old there ,,,,,,,in place you talk of so far as a heard ,,,,,is the miles limit on autos ,,,,,must buy new how do they recycle the battery packs ,battery ,or even is there a core so battery's are not just left sitting in older out dated cars ,here in states we are now seeing EV cars battery's that can't replace them with out higher cost many are willing to pay ,,,,,or even get,,,,,,,,,,soon we will see ,,,,,we also tryed to build a old school car with as little electric computers ,role up windows ect ,,,,said it would be close and save so much on cost of car

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