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Whenever someone praises Chinese-made cars for getting better and better, there will always be a voice saying that overseas markets are the real touchstone, and whether Chinese-made cars are excellent, you will know if you try them in overseas markets. In fact, this statement is not unreasonable. As a big country in automobile production and sales, China should also be a big country in automobile export, but in fact, it has been 7 years since China’s auto export scale has been stuck at the bottleneck of 1 million vehicles, and the models exported have been mainly low-end cheap cars.


4 thoughts on “China's auto export sales surge! But it's Tesla that gets the credit?”

  1. The Chinese market is getting more & more demanding from products they purchased. In short they know which is a better product .
    Therefore Chinese auto manufacturers have plentifully cretics to steer their manufacturers to the right focus . They are strong & good product now already. Give them another few tears & it will be very telling .

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