Logistics firms in China are turning to electric light-duty trucks for business in recent years, as they are cheaper and more cost effective than gas vehicles.

Meanwhile, country’s auto makers are ramping up production in product development.

According to the China Automobile Dealers Association, in the first three quarters the year, 125,000 new energy commercial units were sold in the domestic market, a nearly 82 percent increase from last year.
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7 thoughts on “China's auto industry in the midst of electric revolution for commercial vehicles”

  1. I don’t think Americans with their suburbs will ever embrace trains. So the most realistic thing would be to accept the car culture but transition to electric cars. The US auto industry should study the successes of the electric car makers all over the world.

  2. To all who doesn't know. China have many lithium battery manufacturers. And China have lithium mine,and other rare earth minerals reserved. China's battery manufacturers have their own technologies and soon new type of lithium battery will be mass produced as the Chinese researchers developed new type of lithium battery.

  3. Good luck with that one…. Huge batteries that die so quickly don’t believe that guy that it will last all day but sounds good for buyers .. prove it for a month

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