China’s BYD NEW Insane Masterplan Will CRUSH The Entire Electric Car Industry!

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Since its initial Roadster debut in 2008, Tesla has dominated the market for electric cars.
With 23% of the EV market at the end of 2020, Elon Musk’s California-based company recently made history by becoming the first automaker to reach a $1 trillion market valuation. Competitors, on the other hand, want to speed up their own EV initiatives in an effort to dethrone Musk’s business as the leading producer.

BYD, which is backed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, is also a battery manufacturer that has grown into a significant electric car brand in China, with some of its models competing with Tesla in popularity. BYD has so far surpassed most competitors in the market for new energy vehicles, such as hybrid and battery-powered automobiles, and has risen to the third spot among Chinese manufacturers in terms of passenger car sales.

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With 20 people and a $300,000 start-up investment, BYD, which stands for “Build Your Dreams,” was established in 1995 as a producer of cell phone batteries. In less than 5 years, it has become the largest producer of rechargeable batteries for mobile phones , supplying Nokia and other significant mobile phone manufacturers.

BYD used its expertise in batteries to build hybrid and all-electric vehicles after purchasing a failing automaker in 2005. Being the largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in the world3, BYD has been able to make EVs that are more cost-effective and can go farther than most of its rival EV producers. This is possible because of the company’s vertical integration.

The Chinese manufacturer is able to take advantage of its in-house battery technology, which enables far lower production costs than rivals. As Chinese electric cars are poised to potentially dominate the worldwide sector, the manufacturer is focusing on other international markets.

BYD’s battery technology uses less expensive materials than the industry norms of cobalt and nickel and instead constructs its batteries using much more plentiful materials like iron and lithium. The “blade” design of the trademark batteries, along with the materials used to make them, enable them to store 50% more energy than batteries of a comparable size.

BYD also sold 113,768 new energy passenger cars in May of this year, as evidenced by the data, despite Covid lockdowns that negatively impacted supply chains and customer sentiment in China.

According to data from the organization, the company produced two of the top three best-selling new energy vehicles in China last month, whether they were SUVs or smaller passenger cars. No room was left for Tesla, Nio, or Xpeng.

Following FAW-Volkswagen, which sold 150,009 vehicles, BYD is now in second place in China’s entire passenger car market as a result of those sales. The joint venture between the German automaker and the Chinese government known as FAW-Volkswagen sells cars under the Volkswagen and Audi brands.

In contrast to FAW-Volkswagen, whose sales decreased 10.6% from May of previous year, BYD’s sales increased by 159.5% year over year. With 73,315 sales, Geely fell 14.5 percent to place third in terms of passenger cars.

BYD’s sales of passenger cars placed it in 13th place last year. The top three manufacturers were SAIC GM, SAIC VW, and FAW-Volkswagen.

Tesla however missed the top three slots in the U.S. market for passenger cars. According to Sino Auto Insights, Toyota leads the industry in terms of sales, followed by Ford and the Chevrolet brand of General Motors.

As per the data, FAW-Volkswagen had the most sales for the first five months of the year, followed by BYD and Changan Automobile. BYD came out on top among new energy vehicles, followed by SAIC Motor and the joint venture between General Motors and Wuling Motors. Third-placed was Tesla China.

The fact that BYD no longer manufactures passenger cars with internal combustion engines as their exclusive source of power makes their sales statistics all the more significant. That indicates that all of the cars it sold in May were either plug-in hybrids or entirely electric.

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33 thoughts on “China's BYD NEW Insane Masterplan Will CRUSH The Entire Electric Car Industry!”

  1. American car maker Musk is always looking for harm someone to later benefit and they have to think it's funny until you're the next to be fired. The Chinese have an interest in controlling the market and what they did 3000 years ago is returning. They have the technology and have as to deliver with quality. Europeans boycott their products to justify poor quality, but it is not true. Is this video demonstrates it

  2. since all auto makers including toyota and especially tesla are over charging I'm looking at BYD their EV and plugin hybrids are actually affordable.
    while everyone else tries to rip consumers off.

    I did the math already the only ev worth considering are BYD cars if their quality is decent then they are the best bang per buck ignoring brand loyalty
    I have no brand loyalty I only have wallet loyalty

  3. Wonder why their cars look too good?
    Wolfgang Josef Egger (born 13 February 1963) is a car designer from Germany, a former Audi Group head designer, and currently a BYD Group head designer.( Wikipedia)

  4. What a bunch of communist shills. The CCP auto company will go over like a lead balloon when the CCP attacks the democratic and free country of Taiwan.

  5. Wow these cars look awesome, also shocked this is the first time i am hearing about them. Only downside is i can not find prices or dealers in Europe. I even tried their offocial site and nadda.

  6. Musk is a rerun of De Lorean scam of Northern Ireland which has a superb car but despite huge supply of goverment money / salesman as CEO project failed!. Musk is facing lots of legal case by ex employees and still Musk promises 20 million cars sold a year huge profits ( lost money on Bitcoin) to be shared with shareholders – first in line Musk!. Notice China has destroyed Musk Space projects as well as quite a few claims to have created "warp speed propulsion engine – even has video presentation but no actual product (remember 4X4 project thousands ordrered but do far butno product!. Now China and Germany making life difficult for Tesla factories!. My understanding is as long as Musk keeps "the Tesla believers on board no problems but Tesla delays allow rivals catch up and even surpass Tesla sales).Recession will hurt Musk /Tesla and BYD just keeps on backing itself (with backing of very powerful billionaire) innovating no chip problems they make their own batteries and "chips"!. Nobody knows CEO who has become "Tesla killer!"

  7. We have this wrong way.We should have gone from gasoline cars to hybrid to electric.Should have waited for technology to develop rather than rushing.Ev cost so much more than gasoline cars,don’t have range and charging stations haven’t been built.Ev cost has to come down for ordinary people ‘s affordability

  8. When automakers like Toyota (who is trusted for their reliability and value for money) goes full force into EV production, existing players like BYD and Tesla is likely to fade into oblivion.

  9. Let's be honest in the EV Market there are only two Company's that have the technology, resources and scale to challenge the OEM's and take a dominant position worldwide.

    However BYD is not anywhere near Tesla's level of production or it's market penetration in the US, Europe and China. BYD is definitely the clear challenger but a large number of their retail units are still Hybrids so counting them against Tesla is obviously a misnomer.

    And when Tesla are already at 1.5 million units and already ramping up additional production lines in all their GigaFactory's a production rate of 2.5 mill by the end of 2023 is not out of the question?

  10. How are Chinese able to buy Electric Cars when then can't even access their money due to the Government refusing them access to their bank accounts? Interesting how the American Government is pushing Electric Cars down the throats of Americans who are finding it difficult to pay for everyday expenses. Hmmm.

  11. We need to understand if China is better then the West, the West should be more creative and Try to be better.
    If the West is loosing it ,the West should be more Sportive and not self destructive !!

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