Note: Yeah I know something’s up with the audio but it sounded fine to me at the time. Later videos will have this fixed.

China is the world’s largest EV market with over 5.5 million sold as of March 2021. This is a good thing in many ways. China has the most cars in the world and these are replacing harmful greenhouse gases. But these things have their own sustainability concerns.

There have been the concerns about environmental damage resulting from the extraction of elements like lithium and cobalt. But another concern has to do with the coming problem of waste.

China is starting to experience the leading edge of this problem. In 2020, 200,000 tons of batteries were decommissioned, and the figure is anticipated to rise to 780,000 tons by 2025.

In this video, I want to look at China’s looming EV battery waste problem. And what the world’s biggest EV market is doing about it.

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