China’s Electric car market goes CRAZY in Q1 2022

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41 thoughts on “China's Electric car market goes CRAZY in Q1 2022”

  1. As a Chinese person, the growth of EV in china is truly crazy. After i have spending a year in Australia and going back. ALL the cabs(online ubers as well) in my city (its only a second tier city not like beijing, shanghai) are all domestic EV now. And traveling to shanghai, everytime i look the cars on the street there is always EV among them. Mercedes, BMW these conventional high level brands must have ev models displaying in the store. Half of the cars in Volvo store are EV as well probably due to it was sold to china…
    I don't even have a driver license but always keen to test BYD and Tesla.

  2. China has two problems around Covid, one is population density that means if disease gets away it will run hard and death rate will be enormous.

    The other is their vaccination strategy. Firstly they have persisted with Sinovax long past its use by date. They could have either licenced better vaccines or fast developed their own high performance vaccines.

    The second vacvine problem is it appears the vaccination program failed to adequately cover those most vulnerable and this mistake is only being slowly addressed.

    They need to get the vaccination problems sorted asap or there could be severe economic consequences, not just for China but the world.

  3. The legacy auto makers are still suffering from paradyme blindness – they literally can't see the fact that the demand for EVs outstrips production for Tesla, virtually every Chinese auto maker, and for any reasonably well designed EV. Their continuing reliance in ICE vehicles will be their downfall.
    This paradyme blindness is also seen in the fact that most of the EVs from the legacy automakers are 15 years behind in technology. Look at the dash of a Tesla then at the dash of most of the legacy automaker EVs – buttons and knobs everywhere. What you don't see is the hidden reliance on specific chips for controllers, and separate controllers for every little thing with no centralized oversight.

  4. Hi Sam, I'd be wary of investing too much into china ATM. It's good short term but not long term. Suggest you check out Peter Zeihan's geopolitical views on China. Absolutely eye-opening. Do enjoy your content. Keep it up. Cheers.

  5. Twitter has blocked thousands of accounts including mine for challenging the fake-news official narrative on Ukraine/Russia. Youtube has blocked 15,000 videos. Western world has gone insane with censorship, deletion, cancellation and sanctions. China is not alone in fearing challenges to official narratives. Even in glorified Netherlands the riot police violence on anti-lockdown protesters was horrendous. The media is full of fabricated stories on Ukraine and the fact that they have a virulent loathing of any departing POV is a classic sign that the official narrative is built on lies. Which those of us who have in depth knowledge of that situation going back ten years knows is the case. The so-called free and open West is neither. I got on Twitter's sh*tlist for having a row with David Frum, he was the chief propagandist and speech writer for Bush/Cheney and the Iraq War. He was also peddling lies about Russia. Twitter accused me of "violence" siding with the propaganda architect of the Iraq War that killed a million people, while banning me. Whether Elon who has now bought 9% of Twitter can change this who knows. Elon who believes in pure freedom of speech asked his followers the other day if they wanted Twitter to be run on that principle. Shockingly only 29% voted for a True Free Speech Twitter the other 71% voted against a True Free Speech Twitter. This is the prevailing mindset in the Western world.

  6. Electric cars going crazy in China. They are the only place that are not solely focused to position EV as more luxury than ICE. All the rest are trying to make a extra expensive product with simpler engineering. China leads the world in doing whats right for rhe planet at least as far as EV ase concerned. All the rest are just in it for the coin whilst coat tailing on climate.

  7. Just to clarify an earlier post. CAAM ( Chinese Automobile Manufacturing organisation) 1.85m passenger cars were sold in China in March. 371k were BEVs, so for every BEV 4 vehicles with IC engines are sold. Whilst EV sales are increasing I really can’t see that 100% of car sales in China will be EVs within the next 2 to 3 years as has been suggested.
    UK car sales were 243k in March and 39315 were BEVs. So for every BEV sold 5 ICE cars were sold. I’d argue that this suggests that despite all the hyperbole from the EViking China isn’t that much more committed to EVs than Europe. Where the country is more advanced is in the plans to ramp up manufacturing.
    Incidentally, whilst March was a difficult month in China it was also bad in the UK — as sales fell in a month that is usually good for sales because of a change in number plate numeric code.

  8. Yep…and Europe and the USA together have…much less…this is how a disruptive technology catches them with the pants down…and they cannot run… Why? Because years after years they ignored Tesla… If just the Chinese saw the future, maybe they can rule the world…

  9. GOOD-AAY SAM!! I'M MISSING THE FROG!! ( I got my wife a sweatshirt for Christmas from Amazon with the same frog, sanes glasses!! ). SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT JACK'S LAST RALLY, BUT THAT'S TOO LONG A DAY FOR A KID THAT AGE!!

  10. I watch your channel a lot and live in the US and see you have a huge following. I know that this is not directly related to your regular content but it was just revealed that Biden is waving the "ethanol rule" which would allow for a much higher content of ethanol in the regular ICE . It is estimated that this action will cut prices by a measley 10 cents a gallon. This is a disaster waiting for the average car owner.

  11. demand for tesla is increasing, market share for tesla is decreasing. the size of the pie is increasing so fast. by 2025, most cars sold in china will be ev.

  12. Again, you just don’t get it, if covid gets traction in their population density, they will loose a massive amount of people as their medical infrastructure will crumble.

  13. As I understand it 2.25 million vehicles were sold in China in March . If 371 000 were BEVs then for every one sold another 5 vehicles with an IC engine were sold. So, whilst BEV sales are mushrooming in China there is still a long way to go.

  14. While this is good to hear, China is a warped market. None of these cars would be allowed in the US because of safety, and the government is driving the market and subsidizing the manufacturers. When will unsubsidized, safe and affordable all electric cars hit the US? $30,000 median price (not chip shortage price). THAT IS WHY LEGACY AUTO IS GOING SLOWLY BECAUSE IT IS STILL YEARS AWAY.

  15. Rumoured that BYD is investing in Thailand to make electric cars for RHD markets. Is it true? Very new news now.
    If it is true, I think this is not applied to Toyota bZ SDN aka a BYD-made Corolla, Toyota will produce it by itself, I think.

  16. China is playing Monopoly, the game. The rest of the World, playing against China, is using a checkers board. From the simplistic game strategy of checkers, it is difficult to figure what China might be up to. For the WORLD to now catch up to China – it will have to start THINKING. Full Stop. Save for Tesla, automakers are treating China as if it were juvenile. That may have been the case in the 1980's, but it's now some 40 years on and China is all grown up – in some areas China is now in charge. Monopoly against Checkers…

  17. If Xi wants zero cases, zero cases will be reported. China had never reported the real case numbers since the beginning. No one believes there was no cases in China for the last 2 years up until the zero covid policy.

  18. Quoting: "BYD sold the most new energy vehicles in China, delivering 104,878 units in March. Among them, 53,664 were pure-electric models."
    Nobody says 'it will slow down'. 98% of the American fleet is still ICE. We would all buy an EV today if we could get one at a reasonable price and drive away in it. But we cannot…. only the fortunate "2%" … the affluent… has Tesla money and wait time.

  19. Maybe you don't know US has a lot military bases right in the front of China,the nearest ones are less than 500km,if China can't not beat the corona virus,what will happen if one day US decide sanction China like russia?

  20. If anything EV sales will go up. Way up because gas prices are insane and going higher. Who wants to pay $8/gallon of gas? $10/gallon? Not anybody that can help it.

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